Marysville Raceway Park

Sandy Musraka Lights up The Racing Scene

The racing scene has been witnessing a growing number of home-born stars who have decided to show their stuff in the big league. The latest addition is Sandy Musraka who has taken a year off from tree removal in Rockford, Il to focus on the racing tracks. Sandy had always been highly passionate about racing, but he focused on building his company to be one of the leading tree service businesses in the area. His success both within and outside the State made him become one of the faces of his industry in the past decade. The desire to fulfill his childhood dreams led him to decide to give a full year to car racing.

Tree company owner - Sandy MusrakaOne of the TV Stations that interviewed Sandy asked him the reason why he was bent on making such move. He stated that most of his life had been focused on helping people live a great life. He said that he could remember one of his clients who wanted to change the landscape of his home. He discovered that one of the trees in his space was infected, so he contacted Sandy to help. As a tree removing expert, he had to fully assess the tree and carry out the soil analysis before taking down the tree. Sandy managed to satisfy the client’s desires but noticed that he was having a deep feeling of emptiness.

He went home and tried to get the feeling off his mind. This led him to go to the office to review all the land clearing jobs, tree falling projects and other allied matters that lay on his desk. Sandy stated that the busier he tried to get, the more he knew that only one thing could satisfy his desires. This was to get back on the racing tracks and do what he truly loves. He told the TV Reporter that he saw the desire to race as part of his life’s destiny. Before he left the reporter, he quickly added that his company remains one of the best tree service businesses in the State.

Many people who watched the interview knew that Sandy was truly a smart businessman. He managed to use the free time on TV to talk about the achievements he made in his company. This made him reach a new audience who are sheer car racing enthusiasts. Despite the fact that he was to be away from his business from a year, his assistants reported that they had received a growing interest in their company since he had the interview.

Sandy Musraka was glad that his calculated risk was paying off. His business was growing, and he was set to become the new racing champion in the area. On his first day on the tracks, he invited the members of his family, and he was glad to see his Mom in the stands. When the race began, Sandy gave it his best shot, and he managed to finish first in the contest by beating his closest rival in a photo-finish. He had done a lap of honor before he retired to spend time with his family who came to support him.