Pacific Sprint Car Series
General Rules, 2013 season

The rules contained herein supersede any previously published safety and conduct rules. The rules set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and establish minimum acceptable requirements for these events. These rules will govern the condition of all events and, by participating in these events, the participants are deemed to have complied with these rules. No express or implied warranty of safety shall result from the publications or compliance with these rules and/or regulations. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the event. They are in no way a guarantee against injury or death of participant, spectator or official. The race director or promoter is empowered to impose or permit reasonable deviations from any specification herein or impose further restrictions that, in his opinion, do not alter the minimum requirements. No expressed or implied warranty of safety will result from such alterations of the specifications. Any interpretation or deviation of the rules is left to the discretion of the officials. The decision of the officials is final.

ENGINE: Limited to a maximum of 367 cubic inches. Blocks must be cast iron. Heads may be aluminum. Stock valve angle, 23 degrees plus or minus 2 degrees OEM, no rollover. No overhead cam type motors or multi valves per cylinder heads permitted. Fuel injection or any single carburetor allowed.

INJECTORS: 2 3/16” maximum inside diameter or injector stack - 2.187 at least 3 inches in length. NOTE: Larger injectors may be used, but sleeves a minimum of three inches in length must be installed in the stack above the butterflies. No relief hole may be drilled above the butterflies on any injector. No throttle body or plenum type injectors allowed. No down nozzle injectors allowed.

WEIGHT: All cars must weigh a minimum of 1525 lbs. with driver and all drivers’ equipment. Driver must not exit cockpit prior to weigh in. You can be weighed at any time during the event. No bolt-on weight. As directed, no driver may return from the racing surface to his pit without first weighing.

FUEL: Methanol only. No Nitrous allowed. Top end lube may be added. Specific gravity must be within 10% of on-track fuel for that night.

WINGS: Maximum top wing size of 26 square feet with 30” side panels. One-inch wicker bill on 90 degree angle allowed at rear of center foil. (Maximum). Center foil must be one piece. Side panels must be one piece. No splint wings or bi-wings. Top wings must not extend beyond outside of rear tire. No wicker bill on nose wing shall exceed 3/8 of an inch. Maximum front wing size 2’ x 3’ and cannot extend beyond the leading edge of front bumper. A top wing must be securely mounted to a car for it to be eligible for competition: NO EXCEPTIONS. No side foils, rudders, or panels are to be extended beyond roll cage on any side. No body pieces to extend beyond or underneath front torsion tube except hood. Sun shield cannot restrict vision. No wedges or foils underneath race car. 

CHASSIS: Any sprint car chassis is allowed but it must pass any test described by safety inspector and/or manufacturer.

ROLL CAGE: Must be of a four-post design. No champ dirt cars. No elliptical (oval shaped) tubing used on or as a part of the main structure. Minimum wheel bases 84”.

FUEL CELL: Must be securely mounted with bladder mandatory. Tank used for qualifying heats must remain for all events.

BUMPER/NERF BARS: Mandatory and must be securely mounted. No aluminum frames, bumpers or nerf bars allowed. Aluminum front nerf bar allowed. Nerf bars must not extend beyond outside of tires. Maximum 8” from front bumper or 23.5” from center of front axle to front axle to front of front bumper.

NO TWO WAY RADIOS WILL BE ALLOWED. Raceceivers recommended 

TIRES AND WHEELS: Open. No tire rule

WEIGHT/TRACTION CONTROL/ADJUSTABLE DEVICES: 1525 lbs. minimum (with driver and all equipment). No bolt-on weight. This includes qualifying. We reserve the right to weigh any car, at any point during the event.

No cockpit adjustable shock absorbers or suspension devices (cockpit adjustable wing slider OK).


Please adhere to the rules herein. Approval of a vehicle shall only mean that the car is approved for participation. Approval does not mean the car is mechanically safe or sound. Marysville Raceway Park, it’s staff or management will not be liable for losses due to any mechanical failure, driver error, nor for any losses, injuries or death resulting from same.

AMB Transponders are MANDATORY, either direct powered or rechargeable.