Marysville Raceway Park

Racing Enthusiast Gives Back Time & Money

A fence contractor from Charlotte, North Carolina who runs the Fence Company Charlotte NC has decided to donate a large sum of money to boost the activities in the car racing industry. His financial involvement is targeted at people who are less fortunate but would like to get involved with Car racing. This dynamic entrepreneur has an interesting background which will inspire anyone who wants to start their own business. He had very little education but he was able to learn about the story of President Abraham Lincoln and how he rose against the odds to make an impact in the society. This story inspired him to reach for the stars.

Fence CompaniesHe knew that there was nothing that could stop him from building a great brand so he set out to learn the rudiments of business from his Uncle. After working with his Uncle for about 8 years, he decided that it was time to launch his own business. At the onset, he was a bit confused about the best line of business he should engage but clarity came as he took a walk in his neighborhood. He noticed that most of his neighbors had very poor fences and most of them had cracks in their wall. He discovered that this made their homes to look shoddy so he decided that he could make a difference by building a business in this range.

He started his somewhat famous Charlotte fence company called Fence Company Charlotte NC in his backyard but the business has grown in leaps and bounds. He currently has about 45 staff on his payroll and he is looking to expand to other states in the US. One of the things that make his staff dedicated to his company is that he does Profit sharing with his employees at the end of each financial year. He sees them as part of this business and often refers to them as part-owners of his fence company. The big break for the business came when they were asked to raise a fence around a Car racing track.

North Carolina FencesAt the time, this project ran into thousands of dollars and the fence contractor was given free passes to watch a car racing game. In order to spread the fun, he invited his staff to watch the event with him. It was during one of the races that he caught the bug and became a lifelong advocate for car racing. He noticed that some of his staff wanted to fully participate at the racing events but did not have the funds so he decided to sponsor them. Over time, he spread the donations he made to car racing to cover as many people as wanted to build a career in that range.

His contributions spread like wild fire and this made him a darling among many individuals in the car racing circuits. He has built fences for over 25 Car racing venues in the US and he has consistently wooed other fence contractors in North Carolina to get involved in the sport of car racing. His influence has helped to generate enthusiasm and more corporate sponsors for various car racing events.