Marysville Raceway Park

Our Dumpster Rental Solution

Each event held at Marysville Raceway Park, in Northern California draws a huge crowd. Beyond the regular Saturday Night Programs, we have special events that have a cross appeal in various age groups. They offer the excitement that only a pulsating racing action can give.

A list of our special events include: Mel Hall Memorial; Kids Night; Dilly Bar Ice Cream Night; West Coast Dwarf Car Nationals; and Wingless Car Sprint Nationals. These events require planning because security needs to be in place, seating arrangements have to be made, and the refuse generated has to be taken care of.

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At Marysville Raceway Park, we believe in maintaining an eco-friendly environment. Just imagine the tons of disposable cups and other refuse that are left behind after an event that has a large turnout of people.

We have been able to effectively handle this challenge with the help given by one of our events sponsors, Dumpster Rental Guys. They have been a great asset to us with respect to handling our waste management issues.

The support we enjoy from (go here to visit this dumpster rental company located in Long Island, New York) by has gone a long way to ensure that our events run seamlessly. We cannot thank them enough for their professionalism, timeliness and efficiency in getting the job done. We also believe that race action fans appreciate the care we give to the state of our environment; we are successful in what we do because Dumpster Rental Guys are simply the best at what they do!

Despite the fact that this company is located in Long Island, New York, they have extended their services through their nearby sister location. This point of service supplies all the roll-off containers that we need to cater for the crowd that visits our location. At each special event that is held in Marysville Raceway Park, our unique sponsor and waste disposal partner; Dumpster Rental Guys have not failed to provide all the cover that we need.

Dumpster Rental Guys are one of the best service organizations in Long Island. Their many years of working in their field has benefited Marysville Raceway Park. All through our special events they know how to serve us right. The burden of waste disposal has never been a concern due to their robust operating framework. This synergy has allowed us focus on our primary assignment which is to provide our fans with wheel-to-wheel racing action.

Another benefit we received from them is in the area of cost reduction. Waste management runs on a huge budget. The money saved by having Dumpster Rental Guys handle our waste disposal during special events is invested back into the business. For one, we use it to maintain the tracks and get good security in place.

We are grateful to have gotten both a sponsor and a dynamic company that helps us achieve our goal of providing quality and entertaining racing action for our fans. We have saved time and money simply by having them take away the challenge associated with dealing with tons of refuse after our special events. With this unique partnership with Dumpster Rental Guys, we are always set to host those special events that will thrill you and your family. Keep a date with us by attending our next special program!