Marysville Raceway Park

Giving Thanks to a Very Special Sacramento Based Electrical Contractor

The Marysville Raceway Park has experienced many incredible seasons due to the support of our sponsors. It is impossible to talk about our brand without mentioning the people that make it happen. At the last count, we realized that dozens of organizations had been part of our success story. One of them that has completely stood shoulders above the rest is an electrical contractor team. They have supported us for many years, and there are many things that they have done to add color to our brand. Before we delve into this subject, it is pertinent to mention that this company serves as a model to other businesses in its niche. They have continued to raise the bar of excellence, and this has drawn many clients to their brand.

Picture of an electrician in SacramentoThe name of this fantastic company is Sacramento Electrician Pros. They have not only supported us with their money, but they have also invested time to ensure that we live up to our objectives. The owner of this company is a renowned Sacramento electrician who sends his sons down to our base each Summer to work on the tracks. This has not only instilled the virtues of discipline in the boys; it has helped them embrace the beauty of car racing. One of our top executives asked this man why he has contributed so much to our success. He stated that he had always wanted to be a professional car racer. He had to forgo this dream when he started building his electrical company. According to him, he sees car racing as a life-giving source.

Among the many things he has done, there was a period that he paid for the tickets of everyone who came to watch car races. He said that he did not want money to be a hindrance to anyone who wanted to have fun. This move helped to catapult Marysville as the place of choice for most residents. People brought their families and loved ones to have fun. When he stopped paying for the tickets, it had already become a culture for most individuals. They decided that they will not stop attending the car racing events. As a way of appreciating him for his kind contributions, we designed a plaque that represents his brand. This was placed in front of the entrance that leads to the car racing tracks.

There was a season when we wanted to engage more business owners into the art of car racing. He decided to use his contacts to talk to many individuals. It was not long before we had up to 20 companies sponsoring races in our range. This led to the increase in the prizes that were awarded to winners. There are so many things that we can recount about the leap we enjoyed through this professional support that we enjoyed. Our business is only gaining momentum because someone believed in us and decided to help our cause. We are currently looking at immortalizing him by naming our major car racing event of the year after this Sacramento businessman.

With a full understanding that there are so many grounds to cover, we asked him to be part of our advisory team. He has willingly sacrificed time to share tips that will help our business grow. He introduced the use of sharing freebies during our car racing events. We have produced Face Caps, Mugs and Key holders for our teeming fans. This has endeared us to a wide range of people, and we are glad that our brand is highly visible today. Another important fact is that he recently sponsored some A-list musicians to come and perform at the tracks. This helped us to connect with the youths and those that love good music.

Time will fail us to talk about the many accomplishments of this great man. You can visit their site ( to learn more about his business. In line with our dream to entrench some of our achievements, we are putting together a book that talks about our vision. This work will be circulated to everyone who wants to learn about operating a car racing circuit. We believe that a new generation of leaders will rise through our ranks. Our goal is to entrench the fact that car racing is not just another sport; it is a way of life!

Many electricians say they are fascinated by the wiring that goes into these race cars, check out the short video below showing everything: