Marysville Raceway Park

Electrician John Gallo Takes on His New Role in The Pit

The iconic former race car driver and owner of an electrical contracting firm, John Gallo, has officially accepted to take a new role in the pit. This may come as a first for those who have followed his career, but John is upbeat about what this new development portends. As a Sacramento electrician who has helped to revolutionize the way people see car racing, he decided to take it further with this new assignment. According to John, he said that one of the reasons why he knows that this is a good move is because he will be supporting Smith Fitzgerald who is set to take the tracks by storm. He told everyone that he had never seen a better car racing enthusiast like Smith in the last decade.

A Local ElectricianWhen John began building the Electrician Sacramento Company, he was not in doubt about his desire to support car racing. He knew that his passion to race would rub off on other CEOs who will end up serving as corporate sponsors for various events. His strategy paid off as he helped a few companies come on stream with his car racing buzz. He was able to make three companies dedicate a section of their website to talk about the happenings on the track. John became a model for many business owners, and they discovered that anyone could blend work and fun without missing out in life. Beyond the various personal interactions some of these leaders had with John, they found that the thrill that car racing offers is not easy to find in any other range.

A colleague asked John how he got to know Smith Fitzgerald and it unfolded one of the most amazing stories ever told. According to John, Smith’s Dad had a large estate which was almost engulfed in fire due to the wrong wiring of the property. The man was about to sell the property when John showed up as a prospective buyer. In a twist of fate, they became good friends and John told him that he would be missing out of real income if he sells the estate. John looked through the site and discovered some of the conduit electrical systems were not properly done. He was angered by the fact that any electrician in Sacramento could do such shoddy job. He promised to get to the root of the matter with the union of electricians.

John Gallo in the pitJohn’s first move was to look at the total cost that it will take to fix the electrical system. He decided to waive the fees instead of using Fitzgerald’s one-year free pass at a car racing track. The interest that Smith’s dad and John shared about car racing made them become good friends. John installed new circuit breakers, fuses, reworked the conduit wiring and fixed other electrical issues. He told Smith’s Dad that he was passionate about raising future car racers and that was how Smith Fitzgerald came into the picture. John was quite impressed the first day he watched Smith race on the tracks. He decided to be his mentor/sponsor no matter the height that Smith wanted to attain in the sport.

It was not long before John Gallo was part of those in the pit and he saw it as a chance to help Smith shine like a million stars. He gave him so much pep talk and shared what it takes to be a champion on the field. He analyzed the daily mental disciplines that Smith must embrace if he wants to become a champion. It was evident that the counsel worked because Smith came first during his race after John Gallo joined his team. Smith began to prepare for the nationals as he dreamed of taking his game to an international level. Interestingly, Smith was passionate about electrical systems too, so he spent most times discussing with John about Car racing and how to run a successful electrical contracting firm.

It was not long before Smith floated an electrical company from the earnings that he got from Car racing. John Gallo served as his mentor and jokingly told him that he had never helped the competition this hard to succeed. It was evident that the relationship between John and Smith were perfect as they had many common interests.