Marysville Raceway Park

Quincy Rhodes of The Peachtree City Electrician Squad Heads Down to Marysville

Everyone who is close to Quincy Rhodes knows that he has two passions: one of them is to be a top electrician while the other is to dominate the car racing track. He remains one of the first electricians in Peachtree City to win a car racing championship. This status made him a cult figure and his influence spread beyond Peachtree City, Georgia. As part of his quest to move his dreams forward, Quincy decided to head to Marysville. He was convinced that he had played his part in making electricians in the area gain the recognition that they deserve. Quincy built a dynamic company that has won numerous awards across the board.

Electrician by day race car driver by nightOn his arrival at Marysville, he decided to contest with one of the renowned car racers. Many who know this Peachtree City Electrician up close understand that he loves challenges. It was not surprising to see him go for the best hand in the car racing business in the area. A date was set for the race, but he decided to warm up to the event by participating in a few races. The buzz that Quincy created both on and off the track made him one of the top talents in the circuit. A local TV Station interviewed him, and they asked Quincy what made him succeed as an electrician and a car racer. He stated that two major things have helped him achieve success.

Quincy mentioned the enormous support he got from his family and all the right people in Peachtree City, Georgia that have supported his dreams. He stated that as an electrician from Peachtree City, Georgia; there was little room for him to grow to a place of prominence. According to him, the industry was relegated at the time he joined the fray. People did not consider electricians as an important part of the economic happenings in the society. Quincy recollected that the tides began to change when he started pursuing his passion as a car racer. As he began to win some silverware, the city began to take notice.

The high point came when the Mayor was presiding over Peachtree City nominated him for an award. He was cited to be one of those that was a positive influence to the youths. This recognition made him emphasize that anyone can achieve any height that they desire. His humble beginnings as an electrician did not stop him from influencing the happenings in the society. As a way of giving back, Quincy started two academies in Peachtree City, Georgia. One of them was focused on training young people who want to be car racers while the others targeted those who want to build a career as electricians.

The reviews that this academy has received show that Quincy is truly a man of many parts. He believes that people can work together to put Peachtree City on the world map. According to him, when people have set their mind to achieve any goal, as long as they are not distracted; there is nothing that can stop them from reaching their dreams.