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Celebrating The Car Racing and Home Inspection Legend

Charles Grimes Sr. made a remarkable impact on the Long Island home inspection business, and this will linger for many years. His humble beginning in founding one of the most prolific home inspection organizations showed that he is a man of steel. He weathered the odds of finances, lack of support, various regulatory interference to build a very successful company. One of the attributes of great men is that they can preserve their businesses for posterity. It is not surprising that his son – Charles Grimes Jr. has stepped up the plate to give direction to this very dynamic organization. Besides the numerous awards that Charles Grimes Sr. received in his lifetime, he has continued to be honored by different professional bodies.

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Charles Grimes Sr.

He remains the chief Suffolk County home inspector to make a mark in the world of car racing. His first appearance on the tracks over two decades ago created a huge buzz in the media. Many did not know that his connection with car racing went as far back as his childhood days. He decided to put his passion for car racing on the back burner because he was focused on building his home inspection business. In the early days, there was no technology such as Thermal imaging. Each job had to be thoroughly inspected on a manual basis, so this took most of the time for Charles Grimes Sr. as he was always about fully satisfying his customers.

He took this same spirit on to the tracks when he became more successful as a home inspector specifically in the modern home real estate industry. Each of his car racing events was marked with focus, persistence, and discipline. Beating Charles Grimes Sr. on the tracks was rare. Anyone who hit him was sure to get a call from this great man for a rematch! He was a good fighter, and he had fun while racing on the tracks. It is a bit difficult to separate his passion for Car racing and home inspection. He saw it as various aspects of life that expressed his values to the world. He encouraged his staff to take a greater interest in car racing, and he was able to convince the CEOs of other home inspection businesses to take up the sport of car racing.

There is no Nassau County home inspection Executive that has not been touched by the life of Charles Grimes Sr. He was one of the first people to initiate a quarterly meeting that brought all the CEOs together. They proffered solutions about the best way to keep moving the industry forward. When it was time to appoint a spokesperson for the group, Charles Grimes Sr. was chosen without any opposition. His impact as a professional home inspector helped the industry to get more recognition from the government. He introduced many revolutionary schemes that helped people to embrace the services of home inspectors.

In a recent speech that was read at the race track, the head of the Car racing team stated that it would be difficult to fill the void that Charles Grimes’ departure has created. He said that the man made him take the sport of Car racing seriously. Charles Grimes Sr. treated the game like a business and was always doing everything to ensure that everyone on his team has the right attitude. During one of the famous races in which he beat a national champion, he told everyone at the stands that his victory showed that people could achieve anything they desire. He challenged the spectators to go and make sure that their dreams become a reality.

When it comes to Car racing or the field of home inspection Long Island businesses, few voices speak so loudly like that of Charles Grimes Sr. He brought energy and many positive values in each of the fields where he operated. According to an unconfirmed report, he has anonymously donated thousands of dollars to help young people build a solid car racing career. When it comes to business, his home inspection company remains one of the few enterprises in the region that gives room for young people to rise to very high executive positions. Charles Grimes Sr. is no more with those he loved but his legacy will keep shining the light for many years.

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