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Special Events

The Journey: Chronicling the Place of Marysville in the Creation of The Message to Millions

Marysville has been known to be a unique place that has played host to so many leading names in the business. In the light of its antecedents, it has added another feather to its cap by helping to birth the Message to Millions. According to the creator of the program, he visited this site a few years back and saw the need for more in the eyes of entrepreneurs. Although the event was a local car racing championship; some of the discussions he had with the participants tilted towards business. He realized that most people wanted a system that they could follow to generate success. This made him decide to produce a package that can help every entrepreneur move their game to the next level.

One of the leading lights who did a Message to Millions review stated that the product is timely. He said that he had spent thousands of dollars to send his staff to training schools across the US. With this unique program, he can cut back on the cost while getting real value across the board. He said that most of the companies and individuals that will embrace this program would realize that it is worth much more than they are paying. As part of his drive to ensure that his staff takes part in this program, he has already booked dozens of copies before the launch date. According to this CEO, the message to millions bonus also touches base with some of the core values that drive his business.

The Message to Millions by Ted McGrath will resonate across different circles. It can take people by the hand and show them what they need to succeed. When you take a look at his track record, you will realize that Ted is teaching what he practices. He has been able to build his business to generate over 20 million dollars each year. It is evident that this program holds the key to high-level productivity and profitability. Marysville has not only helped to create an iconic entrepreneurial booster; it has etched its name in gold for many seasons.

Introducing Our Resident Home Inspector and Newest Car Racing Star

The various track events for the year are heating up because many top performers are joining the ranks. In the light of what will unfold in the coming days, it is expedient to use this platform to welcome a new driver, John Thomsen. He worked briefly at Long Island Home Inspectors | before setting up his own firm. He will be part of those who will be racing on the tracks this year and it will be a delight to watch him perform at Marysville. It must be stated that John has racked up many years experience through his participation at various racing events. He is a man of many parts who has continued to blaze the trail.

Performing a home inspection in Long Island, NYJohn is a home inspector by day and renowned race car driver by night. His story is quite captivating and it is a huge encouragement to anyone who needs to turn the tides of their life for good. John moved to Long Island, New York in the early 70’s without any hope of securing paid employment. He decided to follow his guts when he realized that there was an opening in the home inspection industry and he dived into it. His first job did not pay him so much but it helped him to cut his teeth as a home inspector. Home inspection was John’s career but racing is his life. He was able to achieve success in both fields.

After a few years of working with a home inspection business, he decided to start his own firm. Due to the integrity and expertise he had in his trade, he began to win big projects which kept increasing over the years. John became a well-known home inspector in Long Island and there are so many A-list projects that he has handled. Interestingly, he did not allow his quest to build a viable home inspection company from stopping his passion for racing. As much as he could, John squeezed out time each night to be fully engaged in the racing tracks. His commitment to both worlds showed the strength of his character.

As his home inspection business grew, John hired many competent hands to work with him. This gave him the opportunity to focus on his racing. One of the things that made him a renowned driver was when he defeated the national and regional record holders in a race. This made people pay attention to John Thomsen and he has been growing in strides ever since. His arrival at Marysville will increase the competition and sharpen the performance levels of other drivers in every range.

As a way of encouraging more home inspectors to follow his passion for Car racing, John has opened a blog on his home inspection company’s website. The blog talks about different issues that relate to Car racing and this has endeared him to so many people. He is one of the few people who have been able to combine business and pleasure in one swoop. John Thomsen has served as a model for many business owners who want to pursue their interests in Car racing. He is simply a colossus who is making a difference in a unique way.

Frantic Racing Actions

Weatherman Wins at MRP this weekend
Marysville-Promoter Paul Hawes has cancelled the races scheduled here for Saturday March 21st. The 2nd Great Taxi Cab Open will not be rescheduled. With an 80% chance of rain forecast from 1PM through the late evening hours and close to a ½ inch of rain due to arrive during that time promoter Hawes thought that it was in the best interests of everyone concerned that the event be cancelled.

Frantic racing action punctuates Spring Sprint Car Open at MRP
Forsberg wins first ever opening night victory as Shank captures Wingless feature
MARCH 7, 2009 — Auburn’s Andy Forsberg rocketed to his first ever opening night win in the Winged Sprint Car feature at Paul and Kathy Hawes Marysville Raceway Park Saturday. Antioch’s Terry Shank muscled his way to victory in the companion Wingless Sprint Car main. The Spring Sprint Car Open started the 2009 open wheel season in northern California.

Special Events

Marysville Raceway Park is proud to present “Special Events” along with our fantastic regular Saturday Night Programs. If you are looking for close wheel-to-wheel racing action, look no further than Marysville Raceway Park. Please check our schedule for dates and events.

Mel Hall Memorial
An annual event to honor former track promoter Mel Hall, who’s dedication to area auto racing is, without a doubt one of our biggest nights of the year. The stars of the Pacific Sprint Cars battle for the prestige, bragging rights, and increased purses to find out who is the best of the best. “The Colfax Comet” Colby Wiesz has won the event 4 times (2000, 2003, 2004, 2006). 

Kids Night
A fan favorite on our schedule is Marysville Raceway Park’s Annual Kids Night. Admission for Kids 12 & Under is FREE. We will have a LUCKY PROGRAM giveway and LOTS OF PRIZES.

West Coast Dwarf Car Nationals

The granddaddy of all Dwarf Car National events, the Marysville race is the oldest in a series that now encompasses tracks from border to border. Registration has moved at a record clip as nearly 100 cars take the green flag in the three days of outrageous competition.

Dilly Bar Ice Cream Night
Dairy Queen Restaurant of Yuba City will treat race fans and competitors to FREE Dilly Bars. A great time will be had by all in attendance, followed by some great racing action on our quarter-mile racetrack. 

Wingless Sprint Car Nationals
Marysville Raceway Park is proud to host the annual Wingless Sprint Car Nationals. This event features one of the fastest growing divisions in Northern California and is a great showcase of talent. Mark this event on your calendar!


A sponsorship program at Marysville Raceway Park can provide opportunities for a wide variety of advertising, marketing, and sales promotions. Our current dumpster rental company is one of our biggest sponsors. Motorsports has seen a phenomenal rise in popularity and many sponsors have enjoyed the benefits of advertising.

Marysville Raceway Park showcases high speed motorsports events and family entertainment at a reasonable price. Our billboards are visible to ten’s of thousands of loyal customers with a passion for racing.