Marysville Raceway Park


Moving Company Sensation Tyrone Whittaker Gets Behinds The Wheel

There are few comebacks in the history of car racing that can match the story of Tyrone Whittaker. He was passionate about racing in his early days, but this was cut short by a dangerous accident that almost cost his life. His recovery which was termed a miracle by the doctors made the local news. He quickly began the best moving company greenville sc had ever experienced. He named the organization – Movers Greenville, SC. His rise to fame and success via this organization was not surprising to those who had kept track of his amazing recovery.

Owner of Greenville moving companyHe gained popularity among Greenville residents based on the numerous media mentions that his company enjoyed. Also, his continuous involvement in charity made him a household name in the city. In the light of building a national business that will outlive him, Tyrone started sourcing for talents that will help him accomplish his goals. He told everyone that he wanted a brand that represents the joys, victories, and love that is synonymous with Greenville. As the years went by, he raised a team of executives that ran the business and recorded quarterly profits which were in the tune of millions of dollars.

Tyrone decided to get back into car racing recently because he knew that it was his passion. The buzz around his return was one of the prominent topics that every Greenville resident talked about. He bought 6 Supercars as he encouraged some of his staff to try out car racing. The first event in which he was to participate was completely sold out. A few of the people who came had seen him race in his early days. However, they wanted to know if he still had the essential driving skills that made him a leading name in times past. The event was sponsored by Movers Greenville, SC and other corporate bodies in the area.

On the day of the event, Tyrone addressed the audience and told them why he wanted to race again. He stated that he was a fighter and that he believed that people do not need to give up on their dreams. He said that one of the legacies he wants to leave for the younger generation is that they can achieve anything they set their heart to do. After his short speech, he went into his car and got set for the race.

It was not long before it was evident to everyone that Tyrone was simply a genius. He finished first in the race and did some different maneuvers that made the crowd cheer. He had done a lap of victory before he went to join his family for some photographs. A local journalist asked him what he felt after winning the race. Tyrone stated that he was glad that his story would help to birth hope in the hearts of the youths. He said that his triumph on the tracks was proof that anyone can rise above setbacks to live in complete victory. He thanked his staff who came to cheer and told them to look out for more wins in his future races.