Marysville Raceway Park

Brooklyn Plumbers on Deck to Sponsor Car #25 This Year

The buzz that has been created by the upcoming Car race event is catching up quickly in the Plumbing circles. There are Brooklyn Plumbing firms that are currently lining up to sponsor various Cars. It is important to reiterate that it is not an entirely new phenomenon but the number of companies that are getting involved is on the increase. One company that has decided to sponsor a car is Petri Plumbing and Heating Inc. They believe that it will be a good way to sell their brand and to show the world that they have a far-reaching philosophy that touches base with various sectors of the economy.

A picture of a plumber by his vanAnother company that is fully involved in this Car sponsorship movement is Williamsburg Emergency Plumbing. They believe that the best Emergency Plumber Brooklyn has is not merely based on plumbing related work but also how much they can do for the community. The company’s CEO stated that there are few channels that best exemplify what their brand stands for like this Car race event. He said the organization takes care of every detail from ticketing to environmental issues around the racing arena and so much more. He said that this aligns with the ideals of Williamsburg Emergency which takes extra care to make sure that all the needs of their clients are met. He said that he believes that this synergy will keep opening doors for every stakeholder.

Also, CityWide Plumbers has come on-board the train with their support of the event. They recently unveiled the name of the Car and driver that they will be sponsoring in the coming year. At the press briefing, the Head of Operations at CityWide Plumbers said that they believe that the time is ripe to spread their tentacles to other fields. He stated that they are looking to host full car racing events in the coming years. He believed that many organizations will keep supporting car race events because of the publicity it brings to their brand.

Plumbing CompanyThe Emergency Plumbing Squad is a well known player in the plumbing circles. The company has been involved in many projects and the sponsorship of the car in the forthcoming event is one of the many strides they have made in recent times. It is vital to mention that this organization has one of the most experienced personnel in the field. They keep sending their staff for Advanced programs that help them become better in the trade. Everything that the company represents is a full reflection of excellence, poise and precision.

The Car race organizers have been quick to respond to the growing interest from various plumbing organizations that support what they do. They state that they see a great future for all their partners because of the publicity that the event generates. Also, as a way of giving back, they stated that some of the fees generated at the event will be used to support some charities. They commended the press for the good coverage that they have given to the event since inception. They promised that the coming years will bring so much fun and fulfillment in every range. The plumbing companies on their part have signed up to be long term partners of the Car race event.

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