Marysville Raceway Park

24 Hour Plumbing Company Passes the Legacy On

People have talked about the tremendous impact that the owner of national emergency plumbing firm, Emergency Plumbing Squad has on the racing circuits. However, anyone who has closely followed this great man knows that there is more to this aspect of his life. The owner of Emergency Plumbing Squad, Ossie Landvogt has raised his son to be a top line entrepreneur and a professional car racer. The story has remained one of the leading points of how a man has successfully blended two worlds into one. Nikolas Landvogt is the
first son of Ossie, and he was raised to be entirely independent right from his early years. His father never hesitated to let his son try his hands on various endeavors as he grew.

Picture of an emergency plumber and Car racer NikolasOver time, a licensed plumber near me shared about an episode that got me thinking. At the age of 19, Nikolas Landvogt was already managing major plumbing projects. Most people who are familiar with the company said
that he was a thoroughbred professional. As a result of his work ethic, his father kept giving him greater responsibilities, and the boy kept measuring up to each demand. It was not long before he became a household name in the plumbing industry. When Nikolas turned 23, he was already speaking at various plumbing conferences and addressing the issues that face the industry. Some refer to him as a genius, but others say he was merely building on the rich legacy of his father.

On the flip side, Nikolas has a passion for car racing just like his Dad. Ossie Landvogt kept taking his son to the car racing tracks at
Marysville when he was younger. He saw a fire in his son that made him know that he will rise to be a top professional driver. Ossie was impressed at the way his son combined his career as a plumber and his passion for car racing. During the first championship in which Nikolas participated, he took the fourth position. This was not bad for someone who is racing on a part time basis. However, Nikolas promised the Dad that once he was through with a major plumbing job he was handling for the city council; his target will be to take the first position in every car racing event!

The plumbing job for the city council involved running huge drains, fixing faucets, water heaters, etc., in the city state. The project
took about three months to execute completely. In the end, Nikolas quickly turned his attention to the racing tracks. He trained about four times in a week for the car racing championship that was to take place later in the year. On the day of the event, he knew that nothing could stop him from taking the first position. True to his belief, he finished tops at the race, and he has never looked back since he hit this significant milestone.

Nikolas says his next move will be to help younger entrepreneurs to achieve the same feat. He stated that it is possible to build a successful career in business and in any other area of interest that anyone desires. In line with this move, he is planning to mentor two entrepreneurs who want to follow in his steps.