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All 5 divisions set to go at MRP Saturday
By Bob Burbach
Marysville CA - August 18, 2011 --- All 5 of MRP’s primary divisions will be on the card Saturday night when promoters Paul and Kathy Hawes present Taco Bell’s Night at the Races. Billy Wallace will be looking to pad his point lead in the Performance Auto Supply Winged Sprint Car Series after a stellar performance last Saturday night. The Brett Youngman/Jeremy Hawes dice at the top of the Wingless Warrior Sprint Car Series is the best in the history of the class. 2-time champ Misty Castleberry continues to dominate in the MRP Mini Stock Series point standings, as does Corey Hall in the MRP Super Stocks. Jeremy Hawes still is atop the standings in the new MRP Hobby Stock program.

Once again though the championship point fight at the top of the Wingless Warrior standings grabs center stage this weekend. Brett Youngman and Jeremy Hawes are just plain slugging it out for the title; not literally, of course, but it’s a great struggle at the top of the standings. With a 6-point separation and a 50-point swing possible, this is great drama. Last week Youngman won his 1st ever feature event in the class after a concerted effort all season long. Youngman’s done it all at MRP. He’s been quick, he’s crashed, he’s come close, he’s come not so close, he’s had motor issues, he’s had tire issues but now he’s a feature event winner after a glorious battle with Hawes last Saturday. Hawes showed him a nose and applied almost unendurable pressure but Youngman didn’t flinch. 

This is lofty territory for one of the truly nice guys of the sport and a loyal competitor at MRP. When other driver’s had issues, Youngman towed to MRP. When the luck was bad, Youngman was at MRP. When he was getting beat, Youngman stayed at MRP. Now he’s at the top of the heap and he deserves it. Driving a chassis that he actually won by competing at MRP its possible that he’ll wheel that chassis into the championship.

It’s not over by a long shot, however, and Hawes is surely among the few really scary fast racers in a class that features driving skill over the pure aerodynamically influenced speed that the winged cars provide. Wingless sprint cars produced stars like Tony Stewart and Ryan Newman. Jeff Gordon received national notoriety at the wheel of wingless sprint cars and midgets. Many say that their collective successes are due to the fact that they “know” the limit of their cars and can “feel” what they do better than many of the others. It requires a special touch to drive a wingless sprint car successfully. 

As far as the MRP Championship is concerned, Hawes is right there and ready to pounce, but Youngman surely could be considered the sentimental favorite. But, that said…he’s earned it over a long stretch. Saturday should be a kick. This observer wouldn’t miss it for anything.

The Performance Auto Supply Winged Sprint Car Series continues to be the Billy Wallace show. Wallace rushed from 7th to 2nd last Saturday, but he was the 1st MRP driver that received points. He continues to pad his lead over 3-time champ Brent Dothage and 5-time champ Korey Lovell. The races in the class have been nail biters as MRP continues to attract great fields of winged sprint cars. 

800 horsepower and only 1525 pounds for the winged cars makes for a volatile and extraordinarily entertaining night of speed. Dothage is due and Lovell hasn’t been to victory lane in a while. Eye-popping alcohol burning action is on tap when the Performance Auto Supply Winged Sprint Car Series hit the MRP clay this weekend.

Mini Stocks? The Misty vs. Mark show has turned into a good one. Mark Hill can’t get a title this year, but he has done more passing than anyone all year in the class and even after missing a couple of shows he still stands 3rd in points. This is pretty impressive for a guy who’s been out of the seat for a few years. Hill gave up a promising sprint car career for marriage and a family. He married the right girl though and Sandy Hill and their daughter are jumping up and down in the stands on Saturdays these days. Hill’s challenge to Castleberry’s dominance has been an interesting component of this year’s racing at MRP. Castleberry hasn’t given this deal up at all though as she continues to collect feature event trophies at a head-spinning clip…regardless of the class. Hill has been giving her an honest to goodness run for the checkers these days.

Watch for Shaun Merritt and Howard Law to stay in the hunt for trophies in the class as well. Both have noteworthy performances this season with Law visiting victory lane.

Championship point leader in the MRP Super Stock class is Corey Hall. Looking for his 2nd consecutive title in the class, this young man has turned into a major stock car racing talent. Putting together a 2nd straight title just may be the kick-start this driver needs to be looking for sprint car or other challenges in his immediate future. But, should he stay in stock cars he could be a major threat for years, if not decades, to come. There are a lot of great talents in the class including fast rising star, brother Brent. But the quality fields of stock cars that MRP tends to draw pretty much keeps an open door toward victory lane these days.

Can “Iron Mike” get #2? While sprint car star Jeremy Hawes has a monumental lead in the point standings for the newly introduced MRP Hobby Stocks, a new name has popped up in the win column. Mike Dehoogh pretty much cruised to victory last time out and he seems to think he can do it again. Dehoogh’s journey to victory lane included a broken everything at one point or another this season. He sustained painful burns and a twisted ankle or 2 this season as well. But he’s wanted to be a race driver all his life and this is the kind of thing this class was created for. The MRP Hobby Stocks needs a few more cars, but it’s a gas anyway. Great fun. Stick around on Saturday for the “Hobbys”…after all there are no yellow flags and “Iron Mike” will try to keep things interesting.

The pit gate opens at 3pm and the front gate opens at 5. 1st race will go off around 6:30 after hot laps.

IMPORTANT: 2011 minor releases must be signed by parents for all minors entering the pits. 

Note: Please make this observer aware of any names that are misspelled or incorrect. The text is based on information we have at the time of its release.