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8 for Misty. 
Wiesz, Simas, Peterson, Corso and Sarcomo also win in 1st Rich Dozier 100. 
Rain make up date for MRP Minis July 24.
by Bob Burbach
Marysville CA - July 11, 2010 --- Paul and Kathy Hawes presented a thrilling, tightly run 6 division show Saturday night a Marysville Raceway Park. Feature event racing was outstanding in all 5 of the point divisions offered. The MRP Extreme Bomber finale, once again sent everyone home with a smile on their faces. The 1st Richard Dozier 100 had everything from almost scary side by side racing to multiple car flips and crashes. Continuing her run to possible racing history, Misty Castleberry won her 8th consecutive feature event in MRP’s own Mighty Mini Stocks. Colby Wiesz took the MRP Winged Sprint car feature. Point leader Taylor Simas grabbed a victory in the Performance Auto Supply Wingless Warrior Sprint Car Series. P. J. Petersen ran away from the field in the Pro 4 finale. Brian Corso won the BCRA Midget Lite feature as Armand Sarcomo repeated in the MRP Extreme Bomber closer.

It was also announced by promoter Hawes that the Mighty MRP Mini Stocks will make up their rained out date of May 22nd on July 24th. As it happens, if Castleberry is able to win next week, July 24th will be the night that she has the opportunity to break veteran Jerry Bartlett’s 14 year old record of 9 straight MRP feature event victories. This event will also feature the return of the King of California 410 Sprint Cars for the 1st time in 11 years to MRP. California’s premier traveling sprint car series will bring all of their famous stars and cars to MRP. Brent Kaeding, Kyle Larson and point leader Jonathan Allard will be at MRP for this important showdown.

First things first. Marysville Raceway Park’s own “Blonde Bomshell” did it again Saturday night. She started in the front row, but DIDN’T lead wire to wire as one might expect. Fellow front row starter Howard Law jumped into the early lead and a race-long war for top spot began. Frankly, it looked like Castleberry’s run to history might be over as Law got 4 or 5 car lengths on Castleberry in the early laps. Speaking of the early laps, a noisy, lap 1, 6 car crash on the front on the front stretch eliminated Jeff Olschowka and Brent Hall, two shoes that could have ended Castleberry’s streak. A series of wicked crashes continued to pepper the event as Law and Castleberry patiently waited to resume their struggle.

When it finally got going, Castleberry shadowed Law until Law’s tail stepped out off of 4 and Castleberry got a run. The pair ran side by side as the grandstand erupted. Castleberry got a nose past Law and the finally the whole car. Law tucked into 2nd and threatened the rest of the way. As the white banner flew Law made a banzai run into 3 in a last-ditch effort to win the race. He tried a bump and run. He loosened up the fleet 95, but Castleberry kept it straight as Law spun to a stop. She beat the field to the stripe as the crowd roared its approval. Mike Merritt finished 2nd as half the grandstand applauded Law’s valiant effort…the other half cheering Castleberry’s march toward history. Jimmy Ford was 3rd after he came from the back in a brilliant drive after being involved in the 1st lap crash. Castleberry and Law won the heats and Law drew for the straight up start in the feature.

The “Colfax Comet” Colby Wiesz picked up career win #44 in a virtuoso drive during the MRP Winged Sprint Car main event. The 4th starting Wiesz got to 2nd in the first few circuits and took off after fellow 3-time champ Brent Dothage who had built a straightaway lead from his front row starting spot. 

When Wiesz got to Dothage the pair of champions slugged it out hard as Wiesz tried high and low to get by Dothage. If Wiesz headed for the bottom, Dothage was there. If Wiesz went high Dothage went high to hang on to the top spot. It was an uncanny duel for a couple of laps, but, in the end Wiesz feigned high, Dothage stayed high, but Wiesz cut for the bottom in 2 and it was over from there. Kevin Sharrah finished 3rd with Mike Monahan in 4th. This race was also hampered by a 6-car crash on lap #1 that eliminated Reyna Krueger and Cort Dozier. Krueger, Dothage and Devon Ostmeir collected heat race wins.

A truly remarkable Performance Auto Supply Wingless Warrior Sprint Car race captivated the crowd as Taylor Simas fought his way to a brilliant feature event victory. Simas and fellow hard charger Brian Southers started in row 4 and started their march to the front immediately as pole sitter Jeremy Hawes bolted to an early lead. Simas got to 2nd right away with Southers in tow.

When Simas got to Hawes it was really on a while. A truly heart stopping duel ensued with Simas grabbing the lead in turn 1 when Hawes bobbled down low. Hawes retaliated with a daring move in 4 that had the 2 spirited racers banging wheels from turn 4 to turn 1. Wisps of tire smoke shot into the air as the pair literally ran wheel to wheel. Simas eventually secured the lead and Hawes would, in the end, not finish.

With Hawes out of the picture, Southers threatened Simas with desperate attempts. Meanwhile, Terry Schank was tearing through the field with precision from the back. Schank had to start in the back as the red #1 needed a push start at the beginning of the event. Schank was brilliant as he reeled in the youngsters up front. The trio accordioned together as Schank joined the fight at the front. In the final 2 circuits Schank decided to go for it on the high side. At times he would throw his car high and wide in an attempt to get by Southers and Simas. As the white banner flew Simas got into heavy lapped traffic with Southers and Schank right behind. Off of 4 to the checkers, Simas bounced off the lapped car and Southers was screened by it as Schank squeezed by into 2nd. This heart stopping finish was a fitting tribute to the drivers who battled all race long in this one. MRP’s tightest point battle remained just that as Simas will bring a 5-point lead to the next race. Simas and Southers won the heats.

In the Pro 4 Sprint Car finale, P.J. Petersen simply dominated. No one had anything for the high-flying youngster as he pulled to a ½ lap lead with ease as this race went quickly into the books. Petersen got an early race challenge from Misty Castleberry who was doing double-duty in this show, but Petersen quickly dispensed that challenge and roared on to an easy victory. 

In the BCRA Midget Lite feature pole sitter Brian Corso posted a wire to wire victory. The race was punctuated by a vicious double flip in turn 1. Scott Kinney and Dan Hillberg clipped each other as they entered turn 1. Both cars popped into the air in an agonizing series of gyrations. Kinney landed upside down and Hillberg came to a stop on his wheels toward turn 2. Both drivers were OK. Brad Hannum caught Corso in the closing laps but could not get by.

Amazingly enough Armand Sarcomo has a streak of his own going on in the MRP EXTREME BOMBERS. Sarcomo doubled up on his victory of 2 weeks ago after early race leader L.A. Williams was taken into the wall in turn 1 with 2 laps to go. 22 EXTREME Bombers started and when the smoke, fire and dust had cleared, ½ that many were still running. This class continues to be a monster good time and everyone in the grandstands stands throughout the event.

Saturday night July 17th the MRP Winged Sprint Cars will share top billing with MRP’s Performance Auto Supply Wingless Warrior Sprint Car Series on Dairy Queen of Yuba City’s Dilly Bar Nite. Everyone in attendance will get a free dilly bar!! The MRP Mighty Mini Stocks and the MRP Super Stocks will also be presented as Misty Castleberry will, again try to extend her win streak in the Mini Stock portion of the show. The Pro 4 Sprint Cars will also be on the spectacular 5 division card.

The pit gate opens at 3PM. The spectator gates will open at 5 PM with Hot Laps at 6 PM. IMPORTANT: The first race will start after hot laps at about 6:30.

Note: Please make this observer aware of any names that are misspelled or incorrect. The text is based on information we have at the time of its release. Complete finishes, stats and points become official and available at the close of business on Tuesday and will be posted to the web site.