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Hunt Wingless Shootout #7 at MRP. 
Competitive series grows as other series whither. 
Winged Sprinters, EXTREME BOMBERS, Minis and Pro 4s back Saturday

By Bob Burbach
Marysville CA - June 21, 2010 ---Paul and Kathy Hawes’ Marysville Raceway Park will host round 7 of the Joe Hunt Magneto Wingless Sprint Car Shootout Saturday night. The growing series will share the spotlight with the MRP Winged Sprint Cars, the return of EXTREME BOMBERS, the ever popular MRP Mini Stocks and the Pro 4 Sprinters.

In an atmosphere that has caused many of the special winged sprint car series to battle car count and fan count problems, it appears that there is a growing sprint car series in northern California that is headed in the other direction. We are speaking of course of the Joe Hunt Magneto Wingless Sprint Car Shootout. Currently 49 drivers have accumulated points in the first 6 editions of this very competitive series. Its first incarnation includes 3 tracks that keep the series, at least for now, fairly localized. But, drivers from as far away as the bay area and parts south have maintained a constant presence wherever this series is being presented. Saturday night round 7 (3rd of 4 races at MRP) will get underway. A stellar field of cars and stars is expected. Close to 30 cars have made the trek to each of the 6 previous races and there’s no reason to think it will be any different this time.

A serious tussle is evolving at the top of this series’ point standings and it includes the 2 most prolific winners that compete in the class today. Hammer down charger “Bad” Billy Wallace is but 2 markers in front of his talented arch rival Terry Schank in the latest standings. Wallace and Schank have been at each others throats lately, banging wheels and switching the top spots in most of the regionally presented wingless sprint car races with regularity. Schank’s accomplishments include a “last to 1st” trouncing of the field at MRP 3 weeks ago. Wallace grabbed the honors at the recent Mel Hall Memorial Race. Last Friday night Wallace flew by Schank on the last lap to “one up” Schank on that occasion. The next night at MRP Schank returned the favor, got up on the wheel and beat Wallace by a straightaway… and these were NOT Joe Hunt Magneto Wingless Sprint Car Shootout races.

This Saturday night both Schank and Wallace will put on the gloves again and this time it will be a Joe Hunt Magneto Wingless Sprint Car Shootout event. So, 25 or more top guns in the class will also be there to try and wrestle the lead from these two stars of the series. The Joe Hunt Magneto Wingless Sprint Car Shootout is also an MRP Championship Point Race, so MRP point leader Taylor Simas will also be in the field (Simas is also 3rd in the Joe Hunt Magneto Wingless Sprint Car Shootout points). Make no mistake, Simas is a multi-time feature event winner at MRP and is as quick as anybody. He and Schank are separated by only 5 points in the MRP Performance Auto Supply Wingless Warrior Sprint Car Series standings. So this race will feature a race within a race.

This Joe Hunt Magneto Wingless Sprint Car Shootout event is dripping with drama and is a must see event for any racing fan. A full field of alcohol guzzling wingless sprint cars are ready to go to war this Saturday night. 

As alluded to earlier, The MRP Winged Sprinters will make their return after a 2 week hiatus. Point leader Korey Lovell seems headed for an unprecedented 5th title if things keep going the way they have so far. Gary Paulson is keeping it interesting, but had a major disappointment during the Hall race. Paulson was ahead of Lovell and making up some ground in the points hunt when it all came unglued in turn 4. The young charger is long overdue for his 1st feature event win, and at this point in the season, the only one with a shot at Lovell. 

In the MRP Mini Stocks, all the competitor’s eyes are on one big red, white and blue target. It’s Misty Castleberry. This blonde bombshell continues to carve her own niche into the MRP history books. She can do it again Saturday night. According to the records obtained since 1990 by this observer only Jerry Bartlett has more consecutive wins in the modern era. Bartlett won 9 in a row in 1996, the first year of pure stocks at MRP. Well, the “Pure Stocks” have evolved into wildly fast, winged wonders over the years. Castleberry may well have her eye on that prize after she trounced the record for consecutive wins in the Mini Stock class last week. Jimmy Ford, Jason Clayton, Mike Merritt, Alan Furuta and a host of other competitors will be trying to put an end to Castleberry’s streak.

The Pro 4 sprinters will be back in action with MRP Mini Stock grads Castleberry, Brent Hall and Joel Giusti challenging veteran stars like Tim Maclaughlin.

The night will be capped by the authorized, motorized mayhem of the EXTREME BOMBERS. They bring ‘em…they crash ‘em…and it’s an absolute gas!!! We run them at the conclusion of the evening for 2 reasons. #1… there is so much damage and debris caused by crashing and fires that it ruins the surface for any other racing that night…and, #2 the participants are not released from wherever they are kept until after 8PM.

Join us for spectacular, heart stopping action this Saturday night at MRP.

The pit gate opens at 3PM. The spectator gates will open at 5 PM with Hot Laps at 6 PM. IMPORTANT: The first race will start after hot laps at about 6:30. 

Note: Please make this observer aware of any names that are misspelled or incorrect. The text is based on information we have at the time of its release.