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Ladies and Gentlemen grab your trophies! 
Reyna, Taylor, Willie and Misty win. 
Winged Sprinters and EXTREME BOMBERS headline next week.

By Bob Burbach
Marysville CA - May 17, 2010 --- Paul and Kathy Hawes hosted another edge of your seat, 4 division program at Marysville Raceway Park Saturday night. Budding sprint car star Reyna Krueger smoked the MRP Winged Sprint Car field with an eye-popping ½ lap victory. Taylor Simas passed his way into a stronger point lead in the MRP Wingless Warrior Sprint Cars with a convincing win in that class. Willie Horn held off 2 generations of stock car stars to win in the MRP Super Stocks. Then Misty Castleberry kept her win streak alive from 14th place in the Mighty MRP Mini Stock feature.

Another swift, racy surface greeted the drivers in all of the preliminary heat race offerings. Only 2 yellow flags for on track altercations slowed the frantic heat race action. Between the heat races and the scheduled features promoter Hawes smoothed out a rough spot in turn 3. It was just the touch that was needed to turn MRP into an entertaining stage for the four 20 lap main events that kept the grandstand howling. It was a fan friendly race program that had nearly everyone hopping up and down in their seats.

The MRP Super Stocks were first out and it turned into a 3-way slide-fest that had 3 different generations of drivers battling it out all the way. Ageless Willie Horn bolted from his outside front row starting slot into an early lead bringing point contenders Jeff Olschowka and Cory Hall with him to the front. A pair of incidental yellow flags kept it close early, but when a couple of long green flag segments followed it STAYED close.

Olschowka was relentless in his pursuit of Horn’s familiar #4. Lap after lap, the “O-Man” pressed Horn. But using his own words Horn…“stayed on top, and stayed on the pedal”, never allowing Olschowka the clear opening he needed. Hall remained 3rd as the event rapidly came to its conclusion. Olschowka got along side Horn a couple of times but Willie fought him off.

In a final bit of dramatic confrontation, a yellow flag provided a green-white-checkered finish. Horn was perfect in the final dash to the finish. Olschowka was 2nd with Hall in 3rd. Winged car racer Ray Trimble was 4th. The finish will provide a tie at the top of the standings between Olschowka and Hall when all the results become official at the close of business on Tuesday.

Next up, the Wingless Warriors took center stage and point leader Taylor Simas put on a clinic charging to the front from his 5th starting position. Front row starter Brian Southers was rocket fast throughout the event and turned some mystifying laps early on as he flew away from the field. Simas was on the button right away as well and spent the first 2 laps getting to 2nd place with a couple of bold moves. When he got to 2nd Southers was off in the distance until a yellow flag closed the field.

The new green saw terrific dicing among the top 5 competitors. ½ way approached and the lead trio that now included Terry Schank were still glued together. Finally, Simas got side by side with Southers and made good the pass for the lead. Schank stuck his nose in and quickly dispatched Southers and pulled up beside Simas. A yellow flag negated the bold move by Schank and he had to fall back into 3rd. The final laps were excellent. Schank made an uncharacteristic mistake and fell through the field in the final laps. But, Southers never let Simas rest. Simas took the checkers a tick ahead of Southers with Schank recovering to a fine 3rd.

The Mighty Mini stocks were next and it was one monster good show. The complete inversion pill was pulled by heat race winner Joel Giusti. That meant that the entire field was inverted based on heat race positioning earlier in the night. With the slower cars in front, it was a free for all early as Jason Clayton did some bouncing and banging through slower traffic to get to the front bringing a fistful of competitors with him including Giusti (who started last), Castleberry and a wicked fast Howard Law. Jimmy Ford was in the mix as well as the lead pack was quickly approaching lapped traffic. As the race roared toward ½ way Clayton led the snarling pack into lapped traffic. Ford had slipped by Giusti for 3rd. Clayton with the top 5 right behind approached the lapped car of Kyle Cheney off of turn 4. Clayton hooked the blue 13 in the left rear and whipped him around. Cheney luckily spun to the infield instead of into the path of the oncoming racers. The yellow was quickly displayed, but 3rd running Ford hammered the backstretch wall after Cheney spun. The video shows Ford nearly flipping his cool looking 12 but did a great job of saving it. 

The new green had Clayton ahead with Castleberry and Giusti side by side in 2nd and 3rd. Ford now had some work to do. Clayton kept the lead and Giusti dropped into 3rd to make a big run up the back chute on the inside of Castleberry. He cleared Castleberry and popped leader Clayton in the rear, slowing Giusti’s momentum and securing 2nd place for Giusti in the process. Clayton corrected after the boot from Giusti, saved it in a nice move of his own and motored on to the next yellow flag in the lead. As Giusti and Castleberry slowed to maneuver around the spun out car, Castleberry’s nosepiece hooked into Giusti’s side nerf bar. It was removed in the interest of safety and Giusti was allowed to return to his position even though he stopped for the service.

The race to the checkers provided the best racing of the year in this class. All of the contenders had a shot at it. Husband to be, Howard Law was a big part of this last part of the race. 2 laps after the new green Castleberry got the line on Clayton in 3. The cars made contact as both cars headed for the bottom in 3. Both cars sailed up the track leaving the bottom open for Giusti. Giusti turned low to take advantage, but couldn’t get by them both. Castleberry had the lead at the line with Giusti glued to her tail. Law was beside Clayton for 3rd as Ford was charging into 5th behind Law and Clayton. It was a thriller. As the field went into 1 Giusti washed out creating an opening at the bottom for Clayton and Law. Law made it 3-wide for 2nd with Clayton the meat in the sandwich. Castleberry got a few car lengths on the trio as they fought for position. It was Law who pulled off the daring 2 car pass for 2nd as the field headed into the final 2 laps. Ford was closing quickly.

Then suddenly Giusti chugged to a stop off of 4 as the field took the white banner. Law clearly ran out of time, but had made a valiant effort in getting to 2nd. Castleberry took the checkers 1st with a fast closing Law in 2nd, Clayton stayed 3rd with Ford recovering for a remarkable 4th.

Castleberry extended her point lead with her victory. She started 14th. Law started 15th.

The MRP Winged Sprint Cars closed the show with a stunning, wire-to-wire victory for Reyna Krueger in her slick black #24. She was simply the fastest car on the track. Krueger bolted from her pole position and opened a straightaway lead right away. Each yellow flag fostered new hope for the other racers, but each time she cruised to a 100-yard lead and stayed there.

The race for 2nd was a good one as Gary Paulson, Justyn Cox and Brandon Dozier hooked up in a sweet fight. Point leader Korey Lovell dropped through the field like a rock early on before he took advantage of a couple of yellows and one red flag stoppage.

Cox was 3rd when lost the handle in turn 1 and collected fast-closing Brandon Dozier in the process. Dozier flipped in a strange way…almost slow motion…over Cox. The car came to rest balanced on it’s tail and wing with the nose pointed toward the heavens. It was truly a bizarre sight. Dozier was OK, but two of the top contenders were compromised. Dozier was out and Cox restarted in the rear.

The new green once again saw Krueger disappear. But, last starting Terry Schank in his familiar red #1 wingless sprinter had mounted a wing to give it a go in the winged race. He started last, but was picking off cars with alarming frequency. Schank ran almost flat-footed around the MRP oval as the fans picked up something new to cheer about. Granted, Schank had some help getting through the field with some cars being sidelined, but Schank’s hot rod was passing championship cars on his way to an astounding 2nd place finish. Fans were on their feet cheering for the surprisingly competitive racer.

In the end Krueger was almost ½ a lap in front of her nearest competitor, Schank. Point contender Gary Paulson ran a fine 3rd, inching a little closer to point leader Lovell who salvaged 5th behind Dave Silvera. 

Once again the folks at sponsored and presented hundreds of dollars of contingency awards and certificates to the sprint car drivers here tonight.

In addition to our cash purse prize money, our track gets $150,000 worth of Contingency Connection dollars for our winged and wingless sprint cars annually. The way it works is that Contingency Connection has signed up over 200 sponsors nationwide (including Exxon/Mobil 1) who contribute products or merchandise each race to the winner. The only catch is that drivers must be sporting the decal of that sponsor to earn the bonus. If a driver who wins the MRP Winged or Wingless feature race has every decal on his car, he could receive some $1250 in products or merchandise. The bonus is a healthy addition to the weekly winner’s purse promoter Hawes already pays to the winner of MRP sprint car main events. You must be a member of the association, but you can become a member at any event throughout the year.

Next week the mighty Winged 360 Sprint Cars return with the incredibly entertaining and competitive MRP Mini Stocks. The Nor Cal Dwarf Cars and Midget Lites will run in advance of Round #3 in the EXTREME BOMBER SERIES of authorized motorized mayhem. The pit gate opens at 3PM. The spectator gates will open at 5 PM with Hot Laps at 6 PM. IMPORTANT: The first race will start after hot laps at about 6:30.

Note: Please make this observer aware of any names that are misspelled or incorrect. The text is based on information we have at the time of its release. Complete finishes, stats and points become official and available at the close of business on Tuesday and will be posted to the web site.