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Quincy Rhodes of The Peachtree City Electrician Squad Heads Down to Marysville

Everyone who is close to Quincy Rhodes knows that he has two passions: one of them is to be a top electrician while the other is to dominate the car racing track. He remains one of the first electricians in Peachtree City to win a car racing championship. This status made him a cult figure and his influence spread beyond Peachtree City, Georgia. As part of his quest to move his dreams forward, Quincy decided to head to Marysville. He was convinced that he had played his part in making electricians in the area gain the recognition that they deserve. Quincy built a dynamic company that has won numerous awards across the board.

Electrician by day race car driver by nightOn his arrival at Marysville, he decided to contest with one of the renowned car racers. Many who know this Peachtree City Electrician up close understand that he loves challenges. It was not surprising to see him go for the best hand in the car racing business in the area. A date was set for the race, but he decided to warm up to the event by participating in a few races. The buzz that Quincy created both on and off the track made him one of the top talents in the circuit. A local TV Station interviewed him, and they asked Quincy what made him succeed as an electrician and a car racer. He stated that two major things have helped him achieve success.

Quincy mentioned the enormous support he got from his family and all the right people in Peachtree City, Georgia that have supported his dreams. He stated that as an electrician from Peachtree City, Georgia; there was little room for him to grow to a place of prominence. According to him, the industry was relegated at the time he joined the fray. People did not consider electricians as an important part of the economic happenings in the society. Quincy recollected that the tides began to change when he started pursuing his passion as a car racer. As he began to win some silverware, the city began to take notice.

The high point came when the Mayor was presiding over Peachtree City nominated him for an award. He was cited to be one of those that was a positive influence to the youths. This recognition made him emphasize that anyone can achieve any height that they desire. His humble beginnings as an electrician did not stop him from influencing the happenings in the society. As a way of giving back, Quincy started two academies in Peachtree City, Georgia. One of them was focused on training young people who want to be car racers while the others targeted those who want to build a career as electricians.

The reviews that this academy has received show that Quincy is truly a man of many parts. He believes that people can work together to put Peachtree City on the world map. According to him, when people have set their mind to achieve any goal, as long as they are not distracted; there is nothing that can stop them from reaching their dreams.

The Journey: Chronicling the Place of Marysville in the Creation of The Message to Millions

Marysville has been known to be a unique place that has played host to so many leading names in the business. In the light of its antecedents, it has added another feather to its cap by helping to birth the Message to Millions. According to the creator of the program, he visited this site a few years back and saw the need for more in the eyes of entrepreneurs. Although the event was a local car racing championship; some of the discussions he had with the participants tilted towards business. He realized that most people wanted a system that they could follow to generate success. This made him decide to produce a package that can help every entrepreneur move their game to the next level.

One of the leading lights who did a Message to Millions review stated that the product is timely. He said that he had spent thousands of dollars to send his staff to training schools across the US. With this unique program, he can cut back on the cost while getting real value across the board. He said that most of the companies and individuals that will embrace this program would realize that it is worth much more than they are paying. As part of his drive to ensure that his staff takes part in this program, he has already booked dozens of copies before the launch date. According to this CEO, the message to millions bonus also touches base with some of the core values that drive his business.

The Message to Millions by Ted McGrath will resonate across different circles. It can take people by the hand and show them what they need to succeed. When you take a look at his track record, you will realize that Ted is teaching what he practices. He has been able to build his business to generate over 20 million dollars each year. It is evident that this program holds the key to high-level productivity and profitability. Marysville has not only helped to create an iconic entrepreneurial booster; it has etched its name in gold for many seasons.

24 Hour Plumbing Company Passes the Legacy On

People have talked about the tremendous impact that the owner of national emergency plumbing firm, Emergency Plumbing Squad has on the racing circuits. However, anyone who has closely followed this great man knows that there is more to this aspect of his life. The owner of Emergency Plumbing Squad, Ossie Landvogt has raised his son to be a top line entrepreneur and a professional car racer. The story has remained one of the leading points of how a man has successfully blended two worlds into one. Nikolas Landvogt is the
first son of Ossie, and he was raised to be entirely independent right from his early years. His father never hesitated to let his son try his hands on various endeavors as he grew.

Picture of an emergency plumber and Car racer NikolasOver time, a licensed plumber near me shared about an episode that got me thinking. At the age of 19, Nikolas Landvogt was already managing major plumbing projects. Most people who are familiar with the company said
that he was a thoroughbred professional. As a result of his work ethic, his father kept giving him greater responsibilities, and the boy kept measuring up to each demand. It was not long before he became a household name in the plumbing industry. When Nikolas turned 23, he was already speaking at various plumbing conferences and addressing the issues that face the industry. Some refer to him as a genius, but others say he was merely building on the rich legacy of his father.

On the flip side, Nikolas has a passion for car racing just like his Dad. Ossie Landvogt kept taking his son to the car racing tracks at
Marysville when he was younger. He saw a fire in his son that made him know that he will rise to be a top professional driver. Ossie was impressed at the way his son combined his career as a plumber and his passion for car racing. During the first championship in which Nikolas participated, he took the fourth position. This was not bad for someone who is racing on a part time basis. However, Nikolas promised the Dad that once he was through with a major plumbing job he was handling for the city council; his target will be to take the first position in every car racing event!

The plumbing job for the city council involved running huge drains, fixing faucets, water heaters, etc., in the city state. The project
took about three months to execute completely. In the end, Nikolas quickly turned his attention to the racing tracks. He trained about four times in a week for the car racing championship that was to take place later in the year. On the day of the event, he knew that nothing could stop him from taking the first position. True to his belief, he finished tops at the race, and he has never looked back since he hit this significant milestone.

Nikolas says his next move will be to help younger entrepreneurs to achieve the same feat. He stated that it is possible to build a successful career in business and in any other area of interest that anyone desires. In line with this move, he is planning to mentor two entrepreneurs who want to follow in his steps.

Welcoming Local Huntington NY Home Inspection Leader to The Track

The recent influx of home inspectors to Marysville has brought about the emergence of young and energetic drivers. A new driver who is currently taking the tracks by storm is from Huntington, NY. His company – Huntington Home Inspector Experts have also been making huge strides in the industry. This driver’s story makes for an interesting read. He was born to a family that had little or no time for sports. In his teenage years, he discovered that he was different from other members of his family. He loved Car racing, and he wanted to be an Entrepreneur. After much deliberation, he knew that it was in his hands to birth his dreams.

Picture of the newest member of Marysville RacewayHe was aware that home inspection in Huntington is a very vast industry; he decided to work with some companies to gain experience. His first job allowed him to supervise projects that were beyond Huntington. He learned the art of negotiation, customer service and other interesting details that will aid him in his quest to be an entrepreneur. After working for various firms over a five-year period, he decided to float his company. It was a huge gamble that paid off because it was not long before his business started competing with the big names in the industry.

As a leading Huntington home inspector, he decided to look for other ways to entrench his ideals. He began by organizing local sports competitions for the children in his area. After a while, he decided to do what he had always wanted. His passion for car racing had not died, so he wanted to race on the tracks! Most of his time was spent researching where to begin his car racing career. He discovered that many home inspectors were moving to Marysville, so he decided to follow suit. All his friends told him that he had what it takes to dominate the tracks. They have seen his passion and knew that his focus was unbroken.

After a few seasons on the track, he started sponsoring other home inspectors to race on the tracks. He saw the experience as a good way to bond and connect with his colleagues. Despite his relaxed approach, he won two racing championships in quick succession. Many of his colleagues began talking with him to share secrets about his racing prowess. He told them that he spends most of his weekends watching the way experts run their races. He discovered that it was not possible to dominate the tracks without investing heavily in a good automobile. His investments were paying off, so he was not surprised by the results he was generating on the tracks.

Picture of a licensed home inspector from NYA home inspector Brooklyn NY executive heard about this Huntington executive and decided to try his hands on car racing. He had a similar background, but the difference was that his family supported him to follow his passion for car racing. His first appearance on the tracks was not quite impressive. He took the second to the last position, but he knew that he has what it takes to rise to the top. Over time, he began finishing among the first three in each of the races he participated. His big break came when he met the driver from Huntington. He shared few tips with this Brooklyn executive, and everything took a turn for good.

The irony was that the next event had the Brooklyn executive competing with the Huntington Home inspector. It was a very close race, but the Huntington executive finished in the first position while the Brooklyn Home inspector came second. They joked about the contest, and the men agreed that they would race against each other as soon as they put together another championship. The beauty of the racing tracks was the bond it created among various executives of the home inspection companies. It was so exciting to see the staff in the stands as they cheered their business’s representatives.

Marysville said that they are happy to watch these home inspectors light up the tracks. As a way of saying THANK YOU, they decided to waive ticket fees for companies that come with about ten employees. According to the management, the goal is to ensure that people have fun while they channel their resources to address other things that are of importance to them.

Huntington Home Inspector Experts
6 Cardinal Ct, Huntington, NY 11743
(631) 759-8102

South Atlanta Electrician Car Racing Legends

There are amazing car racers that have lighted up the circuits in recent years. These dynamic car racers from different parts of South Atlanta such as Douglasville, Peachtree City, Union City, Ellen Wood, etc. have made an enormous impact on the tracks. It is impossible to talk about these legends without mentioning the electrician companies from this region that has made it happen. A top electrician Douglasville GA company owns two cars that are racing on the circuit. This company which is run by an amiable CEO state that they believe that car racing can build stronger bonds across different segments of their clients. They have been sponsoring car racers since the inception of their business.

A Picture of a sign that says South AtlantaAnother Douglasville electrician that has been making waves is the Douglasville Electrical Company. They currently own two cars, and they have been holding the record of winning the most championships in the last ten years. This company began as a one-man business over two decades ago. The vision of the CEO was to build a brand that will serve as a model for other businesses in the niche. He was able to achieve this when his company was recognized as the most reliable brand in South Atlanta. The CEO was invited to different seminars where he shared the secret to his success in business. It is on record that his company has pumped over $400,000 to create awareness about the benefits of car racing.

One company that must be mentioned is the Twilight Electrical services company which is based in Peachtree City. They were able to create the launching pad for success across the board for its personnel. This organization encouraged the staff to take up car racing and currently sponsor about six drivers. Most of the cars owned by the company are top line automobiles that have been taking the racing circuits by storm. The CEO said that his goal is to ensure that in a few years, every electrical company will be a key player on the racing tracks. He believes that his goal will be accomplished based on the active support that they are getting from the media.

Also, the PowerPoint Electrical Service Company based in Ellen Wood has done quite well. Although this organization recently became quite active in the racing circles, they have been able to achieve decent results. They won the last championship held in the early part of the year. The management of the Company state that they will keep doing everything in their power to ensure that their flag keeps flying high. They intend to buy more cars and sponsors more drivers to participate in the various sporting events.

The South Atlanta Electrician Car Racing Legends have played a unique role in changing the face of car racing events. They have helped people to see that you can have a professional career while pursuing your passion for car racing with vigor. Many people are beginning to develop an interest in this sport, and the numbers will keep increasing in the coming years. The future is full of rich possibilities based on the current trends on the tracks.

Dentists Nationwide Come Down to Visit and Support Marysville

There has been increased activity in Marysville car race track as different dentists have come to support different car racers. The interesting thing about this development is that some companies are working together with the competition on the race tracks! For example, a 24 hour dentist near me shared about his experience of working with a rival. He said that they were rooting for a car racer who they wanted to compete at the national level. They had to print T-shirts and work together to raise a team of supporters for this car racer. Although this friendship does not negate the reality of doing business, they have created a stronger bond even among those who were business rivals.

Two dentists who came to visit MarysvilleThe recent championship which was sponsored by the Tucson emergency dental company got almost every dentist to Marysville. The event was seen as a way of connecting with those who are key players in their industry. This car race championship was a huge success because different companies came dressed in various attires. There was a group that wore jeans and t-shirts. Another business decided to wear shorts and vests. It was fun to see the different displays on the stand. The manager of Marysville said that in the many years that he has run the tracks, he had not witnessed such excitement. Some of the companies hired big buses to bring their staff to the venue.

Every business tried to outdo the other as they chanted the names of car racers. Some of the companies that did not have any of their staff on the tracks simply teamed up with any business of their choice. According to one of the CEOs who did not sponsor any car racer, he said that the beauty of being a fan is that you can support any team. In fact, he stated that in a particular race, he supported three teams in the course of the contest. He ended up shifting his loyalty to the winner when he noticed that those he supported would not come first. His views were that it was good to unwind outside the pressures of the work environment. The CEO stated that he encouraged his staff to be part of the event because they will be able to network with other players in the industry.

The time for the main race of the day was set, but there were a few issues that need to be sorted. One of them was that a car racer was not fully dressed and this was against the rules. They told him that even if it was not a professional event, he must ensure that he abides by all the rules of safety. As he fully dressed in his gears, they gave the car racers notice that the event was about to kick off. The fans and companies that had car racers on the tracks went wild in excitement. They knew that in a few minutes, someone would have won the bragging rights. As the race started, about four cars were running at par, and no one was allowing the other to stay ahead. However, towards the finish, two vehicles were obviously in the lead.

Picture of a D.D.SAt the end of the race, it took a photo finish to determine the person that won at the event. When the winner was finally announced, the camp of Emergency Dental Pros went wild. The car racer whom they had sponsored had carried the day. The other teams gave high-fives and hugs to the winning team. They believed that there was no need for rancor as this was just another sporting event. During the presentation of prizes, the car racer that won the game said he would like to make a speech. He thanked everyone who had been part of the event and promised that the following year would spring many surprises.

He told them that the beauty of the event is that various dental companies now relate better to themselves. Also, he said that he believes that Marysville car race track will be a productive part of history due to what it is helping to birth in the dental industry. After he had lifted his trophy, people exchanged pleasantries with one another as they started leaving the venue in droves.

Giving Thanks to a Very Special Sacramento Based Electrical Contractor

The Marysville Raceway Park has experienced many incredible seasons due to the support of our sponsors. It is impossible to talk about our brand without mentioning the people that make it happen. At the last count, we realized that dozens of organizations had been part of our success story. One of them that has completely stood shoulders above the rest is an electrical contractor team. They have supported us for many years, and there are many things that they have done to add color to our brand. Before we delve into this subject, it is pertinent to mention that this company serves as a model to other businesses in its niche. They have continued to raise the bar of excellence, and this has drawn many clients to their brand.

Picture of an electrician in SacramentoThe name of this fantastic company is Sacramento Electrician Pros. They have not only supported us with their money, but they have also invested time to ensure that we live up to our objectives. The owner of this company is a renowned Sacramento electrician who sends his sons down to our base each Summer to work on the tracks. This has not only instilled the virtues of discipline in the boys; it has helped them embrace the beauty of car racing. One of our top executives asked this man why he has contributed so much to our success. He stated that he had always wanted to be a professional car racer. He had to forgo this dream when he started building his electrical company. According to him, he sees car racing as a life-giving source.

Among the many things he has done, there was a period that he paid for the tickets of everyone who came to watch car races. He said that he did not want money to be a hindrance to anyone who wanted to have fun. This move helped to catapult Marysville as the place of choice for most residents. People brought their families and loved ones to have fun. When he stopped paying for the tickets, it had already become a culture for most individuals. They decided that they will not stop attending the car racing events. As a way of appreciating him for his kind contributions, we designed a plaque that represents his brand. This was placed in front of the entrance that leads to the car racing tracks.

There was a season when we wanted to engage more business owners into the art of car racing. He decided to use his contacts to talk to many individuals. It was not long before we had up to 20 companies sponsoring races in our range. This led to the increase in the prizes that were awarded to winners. There are so many things that we can recount about the leap we enjoyed through this professional support that we enjoyed. Our business is only gaining momentum because someone believed in us and decided to help our cause. We are currently looking at immortalizing him by naming our major car racing event of the year after this Sacramento businessman.

With a full understanding that there are so many grounds to cover, we asked him to be part of our advisory team. He has willingly sacrificed time to share tips that will help our business grow. He introduced the use of sharing freebies during our car racing events. We have produced Face Caps, Mugs and Key holders for our teeming fans. This has endeared us to a wide range of people, and we are glad that our brand is highly visible today. Another important fact is that he recently sponsored some A-list musicians to come and perform at the tracks. This helped us to connect with the youths and those that love good music.

Time will fail us to talk about the many accomplishments of this great man. You can visit their site ( to learn more about his business. In line with our dream to entrench some of our achievements, we are putting together a book that talks about our vision. This work will be circulated to everyone who wants to learn about operating a car racing circuit. We believe that a new generation of leaders will rise through our ranks. Our goal is to entrench the fact that car racing is not just another sport; it is a way of life!

Many electricians say they are fascinated by the wiring that goes into these race cars, check out the short video below showing everything:

Local Cincinnati Resident Crushing it On The Track

Ronald Atkinson is one phenomenal car racer that has risen through the ranks in the past year. This amazing personality had always nursed the dream to be a top athlete. He followed his passion and joined the circuit about two and half years ago. His prowess began to show in the early part of last year, but his dominance was evident for all to see in the later part of the year. Ronald has always been a winner because he built his Cincinnati-based business from scratch. He faced enormous challenges, but he did not allow it to deter him. As a man who has a way of turning the tides in his favor, he knew that there were no odds that could stand against him from becoming a racing champion. He trained for long hours, and the fruits of his disciplined lifestyle are visible for everyone to see.

Picture of Ronald - Owner of the Cincinnati Moving ProsRonald Atkinson founded one of the most successful moving companies Cincinnati has ever known. He broke barriers and raised the bar for the players in the industry. One of his mottos is – There is nothing that can stop anyone who is determined to succeed. Once there is a will, there is a way! Among the many accomplishments in his career, he was one of the first businesses to design a custom moving plan for his clients. He nursed the idea when he was in college about starting a business that will help people move their belongings based on their unique lifestyle. He did not like the idea of lumping every customer into the same mold. His dream became one of the most remarkable innovations in the moving industry in recent years.

When he was interviewed by a TV crew about the secret behind his success on the tracks and in building a great moving company in Cincinnati; Ronald stated that he was very focused in all he did. There is no way anyone cannot achieve success if they are determined to give it what it takes. I take my time to train for the car races, and I see it as an essential part of my life. People call it a sport but I call it the reason why I work so hard all week! Racing is life, and only those who see it as such can make the most of this unique channel. At the end of the racing season, Ronald decided to take his game to the national level. He was poised to show the world that you can be in business and still be a huge success on the tracks.

If you evaluate those who are making a great impact on the tracks, it is obvious that Ronald Atkinson is one of the leading names. If you would like to reach Ronald you can catch him at his website ( rose against all the odds to build a thriving moving company, and he is currently breaking the records on the racing track. Someone stated that Ronald Atkinson has the Midas touch; anything he gets involved with turns to gold. Ronald said that he does not fully agree with the assertion. He believes that people can succeed when they pay the price to get the top of whatever they have set their hearts to do.

Top Long Island Companies Come Down For Support

There has been a recent surge in the number of Long Island home inspectors that have become involved with Car racing. Although this is a subset of the outplay in this niche, the results have touched based with virtually every Long Island company. Most businesses have started supporting, advertising and rooting for many car racers even among their competitors! This friendly atmosphere has also helped to create a certain degree of warm connections among various professionals. The race tracks are now seen as the melting pot that defines what happens during the business week! It is essential to backtrack to get a full picture about how this began.

Home InspectorMost businesses were wooed into getting involved with car racing by one of the most influential businessmen that provide home inspection in Long Island. He believed that people should be able to connect with the various brands outside the business world. He organized competitions that made different companies be able to showcase the talents that they have on their staff. As the buzz started gaining the attention of the media and constant exposure on social media, more companies decided to get fully involved. At first, it was the home inspection organizations that took center stage, but it gradually started to attract businesses in other industries.

The CEO of Always Guarding You Home Inspections who was one of the pioneer members of this elite group stated that he is not surprised at the current outplay. He said that businesses like to take advantage of anything that will paint their brand in the right light. Besides this, he noted that the car racing events were very efficient in helping business leaders to bond with their clients. According to his estimation, the car racing event will generate national attention in the next seven years. This is based on the interest that many companies have shown in recent years. He recently did a podcast to encourage other CEOs to join the stream.

An overview of the market showed that the more companies got involved with the car racing event, the more publicity they enjoyed. One of the winners of the local car race competition stated that the publicity he enjoyed could not compare to the results he got from two years of his company’s previous marketing campaign. Many individuals who are part of this new wave attest that the momentum that has been generated on the tracks cannot be compared to any other event in recent times. Everyone is carefully analyzing how much they need to invest to get the best out of this unique channel. A few companies have decided to purchase at least two racing cars to bolster their chances of winning the next event.

In a recent event, about 7 CEOs who are part of the Car race events shared the benefits of stepping out of their niche. They said that they noticed that their staff was more motivated to carry out their jobs and this increased the level of their company’s productivity. They encouraged other leaders of organizations to be part of this active channel.

Celebrating The Car Racing and Home Inspection Legend

Charles Grimes Sr. made a remarkable impact on the Long Island home inspection business, and this will linger for many years. His humble beginning in founding one of the most prolific home inspection organizations showed that he is a man of steel. He weathered the odds of finances, lack of support, various regulatory interference to build a very successful company. One of the attributes of great men is that they can preserve their businesses for posterity. It is not surprising that his son – Charles Grimes Jr. has stepped up the plate to give direction to this very dynamic organization. Besides the numerous awards that Charles Grimes Sr. received in his lifetime, he has continued to be honored by different professional bodies.

Long Island Home Inspector

Charles Grimes Sr.

He remains the chief Suffolk County home inspector to make a mark in the world of car racing. His first appearance on the tracks over two decades ago created a huge buzz in the media. Many did not know that his connection with car racing went as far back as his childhood days. He decided to put his passion for car racing on the back burner because he was focused on building his home inspection business. In the early days, there was no technology such as Thermal imaging. Each job had to be thoroughly inspected on a manual basis, so this took most of the time for Charles Grimes Sr. as he was always about fully satisfying his customers.

He took this same spirit on to the tracks when he became more successful as a home inspector specifically in the modern home real estate industry. Each of his car racing events was marked with focus, persistence, and discipline. Beating Charles Grimes Sr. on the tracks was rare. Anyone who hit him was sure to get a call from this great man for a rematch! He was a good fighter, and he had fun while racing on the tracks. It is a bit difficult to separate his passion for Car racing and home inspection. He saw it as various aspects of life that expressed his values to the world. He encouraged his staff to take a greater interest in car racing, and he was able to convince the CEOs of other home inspection businesses to take up the sport of car racing.

There is no Nassau County home inspection Executive that has not been touched by the life of Charles Grimes Sr. He was one of the first people to initiate a quarterly meeting that brought all the CEOs together. They proffered solutions about the best way to keep moving the industry forward. When it was time to appoint a spokesperson for the group, Charles Grimes Sr. was chosen without any opposition. His impact as a professional home inspector helped the industry to get more recognition from the government. He introduced many revolutionary schemes that helped people to embrace the services of home inspectors.

In a recent speech that was read at the race track, the head of the Car racing team stated that it would be difficult to fill the void that Charles Grimes’ departure has created. He said that the man made him take the sport of Car racing seriously. Charles Grimes Sr. treated the game like a business and was always doing everything to ensure that everyone on his team has the right attitude. During one of the famous races in which he beat a national champion, he told everyone at the stands that his victory showed that people could achieve anything they desire. He challenged the spectators to go and make sure that their dreams become a reality.

When it comes to Car racing or the field of home inspection Long Island businesses, few voices speak so loudly like that of Charles Grimes Sr. He brought energy and many positive values in each of the fields where he operated. According to an unconfirmed report, he has anonymously donated thousands of dollars to help young people build a solid car racing career. When it comes to business, his home inspection company remains one of the few enterprises in the region that gives room for young people to rise to very high executive positions. Charles Grimes Sr. is no more with those he loved but his legacy will keep shining the light for many years.

Long Island Home Inspection Pros
48 Columbine Ave N, Hampton Bays, NY 11946
(631) 202-0012

Electrician John Gallo Takes on His New Role in The Pit

The iconic former race car driver and owner of an electrical contracting firm, John Gallo, has officially accepted to take a new role in the pit. This may come as a first for those who have followed his career, but John is upbeat about what this new development portends. As a Sacramento electrician who has helped to revolutionize the way people see car racing, he decided to take it further with this new assignment. According to John, he said that one of the reasons why he knows that this is a good move is because he will be supporting Smith Fitzgerald who is set to take the tracks by storm. He told everyone that he had never seen a better car racing enthusiast like Smith in the last decade.

A Local ElectricianWhen John began building the Electrician Sacramento Company, he was not in doubt about his desire to support car racing. He knew that his passion to race would rub off on other CEOs who will end up serving as corporate sponsors for various events. His strategy paid off as he helped a few companies come on stream with his car racing buzz. He was able to make three companies dedicate a section of their website to talk about the happenings on the track. John became a model for many business owners, and they discovered that anyone could blend work and fun without missing out in life. Beyond the various personal interactions some of these leaders had with John, they found that the thrill that car racing offers is not easy to find in any other range.

A colleague asked John how he got to know Smith Fitzgerald and it unfolded one of the most amazing stories ever told. According to John, Smith’s Dad had a large estate which was almost engulfed in fire due to the wrong wiring of the property. The man was about to sell the property when John showed up as a prospective buyer. In a twist of fate, they became good friends and John told him that he would be missing out of real income if he sells the estate. John looked through the site and discovered some of the conduit electrical systems were not properly done. He was angered by the fact that any electrician in Sacramento could do such shoddy job. He promised to get to the root of the matter with the union of electricians.

John Gallo in the pitJohn’s first move was to look at the total cost that it will take to fix the electrical system. He decided to waive the fees instead of using Fitzgerald’s one-year free pass at a car racing track. The interest that Smith’s dad and John shared about car racing made them become good friends. John installed new circuit breakers, fuses, reworked the conduit wiring and fixed other electrical issues. He told Smith’s Dad that he was passionate about raising future car racers and that was how Smith Fitzgerald came into the picture. John was quite impressed the first day he watched Smith race on the tracks. He decided to be his mentor/sponsor no matter the height that Smith wanted to attain in the sport.

It was not long before John Gallo was part of those in the pit and he saw it as a chance to help Smith shine like a million stars. He gave him so much pep talk and shared what it takes to be a champion on the field. He analyzed the daily mental disciplines that Smith must embrace if he wants to become a champion. It was evident that the counsel worked because Smith came first during his race after John Gallo joined his team. Smith began to prepare for the nationals as he dreamed of taking his game to an international level. Interestingly, Smith was passionate about electrical systems too, so he spent most times discussing with John about Car racing and how to run a successful electrical contracting firm.

It was not long before Smith floated an electrical company from the earnings that he got from Car racing. John Gallo served as his mentor and jokingly told him that he had never helped the competition this hard to succeed. It was evident that the relationship between John and Smith were perfect as they had many common interests.

Sandy Musraka Lights up The Racing Scene

The racing scene has been witnessing a growing number of home-born stars who have decided to show their stuff in the big league. The latest addition is Sandy Musraka who has taken a year off from tree removal in Rockford, Il to focus on the racing tracks. Sandy had always been highly passionate about racing, but he focused on building his company to be one of the leading tree service businesses in the area. His success both within and outside the State made him become one of the faces of his industry in the past decade. The desire to fulfill his childhood dreams led him to decide to give a full year to car racing.

Tree company owner - Sandy MusrakaOne of the TV Stations that interviewed Sandy asked him the reason why he was bent on making such move. He stated that most of his life had been focused on helping people live a great life. He said that he could remember one of his clients who wanted to change the landscape of his home. He discovered that one of the trees in his space was infected, so he contacted Sandy to help. As a tree removing expert, he had to fully assess the tree and carry out the soil analysis before taking down the tree. Sandy managed to satisfy the client’s desires but noticed that he was having a deep feeling of emptiness.

He went home and tried to get the feeling off his mind. This led him to go to the office to review all the land clearing jobs, tree falling projects and other allied matters that lay on his desk. Sandy stated that the busier he tried to get, the more he knew that only one thing could satisfy his desires. This was to get back on the racing tracks and do what he truly loves. He told the TV Reporter that he saw the desire to race as part of his life’s destiny. Before he left the reporter, he quickly added that his company remains one of the best tree service businesses in the State.

Many people who watched the interview knew that Sandy was truly a smart businessman. He managed to use the free time on TV to talk about the achievements he made in his company. This made him reach a new audience who are sheer car racing enthusiasts. Despite the fact that he was to be away from his business from a year, his assistants reported that they had received a growing interest in their company since he had the interview.

Sandy Musraka was glad that his calculated risk was paying off. His business was growing, and he was set to become the new racing champion in the area. On his first day on the tracks, he invited the members of his family, and he was glad to see his Mom in the stands. When the race began, Sandy gave it his best shot, and he managed to finish first in the contest by beating his closest rival in a photo-finish. He had done a lap of honor before he retired to spend time with his family who came to support him.

Moving Company Sensation Tyrone Whittaker Gets Behinds The Wheel

There are few comebacks in the history of car racing that can match the story of Tyrone Whittaker. He was passionate about racing in his early days, but this was cut short by a dangerous accident that almost cost his life. His recovery which was termed a miracle by the doctors made the local news. He quickly began the best moving company greenville sc had ever experienced. He named the organization – Movers Greenville, SC. His rise to fame and success via this organization was not surprising to those who had kept track of his amazing recovery.

Owner of Greenville moving companyHe gained popularity among Greenville residents based on the numerous media mentions that his company enjoyed. Also, his continuous involvement in charity made him a household name in the city. In the light of building a national business that will outlive him, Tyrone started sourcing for talents that will help him accomplish his goals. He told everyone that he wanted a brand that represents the joys, victories, and love that is synonymous with Greenville. As the years went by, he raised a team of executives that ran the business and recorded quarterly profits which were in the tune of millions of dollars.

Tyrone decided to get back into car racing recently because he knew that it was his passion. The buzz around his return was one of the prominent topics that every Greenville resident talked about. He bought 6 Supercars as he encouraged some of his staff to try out car racing. The first event in which he was to participate was completely sold out. A few of the people who came had seen him race in his early days. However, they wanted to know if he still had the essential driving skills that made him a leading name in times past. The event was sponsored by Movers Greenville, SC and other corporate bodies in the area.

On the day of the event, Tyrone addressed the audience and told them why he wanted to race again. He stated that he was a fighter and that he believed that people do not need to give up on their dreams. He said that one of the legacies he wants to leave for the younger generation is that they can achieve anything they set their heart to do. After his short speech, he went into his car and got set for the race.

It was not long before it was evident to everyone that Tyrone was simply a genius. He finished first in the race and did some different maneuvers that made the crowd cheer. He had done a lap of victory before he went to join his family for some photographs. A local journalist asked him what he felt after winning the race. Tyrone stated that he was glad that his story would help to birth hope in the hearts of the youths. He said that his triumph on the tracks was proof that anyone can rise above setbacks to live in complete victory. He thanked his staff who came to cheer and told them to look out for more wins in his future races.

Racing Enthusiast Gives Back Time & Money

A fence contractor from Charlotte, North Carolina who runs the Fence Company Charlotte NC has decided to donate a large sum of money to boost the activities in the car racing industry. His financial involvement is targeted at people who are less fortunate but would like to get involved with Car racing. This dynamic entrepreneur has an interesting background which will inspire anyone who wants to start their own business. He had very little education but he was able to learn about the story of President Abraham Lincoln and how he rose against the odds to make an impact in the society. This story inspired him to reach for the stars.

Fence CompaniesHe knew that there was nothing that could stop him from building a great brand so he set out to learn the rudiments of business from his Uncle. After working with his Uncle for about 8 years, he decided that it was time to launch his own business. At the onset, he was a bit confused about the best line of business he should engage but clarity came as he took a walk in his neighborhood. He noticed that most of his neighbors had very poor fences and most of them had cracks in their wall. He discovered that this made their homes to look shoddy so he decided that he could make a difference by building a business in this range.

He started his somewhat famous Charlotte fence company called Fence Company Charlotte NC in his backyard but the business has grown in leaps and bounds. He currently has about 45 staff on his payroll and he is looking to expand to other states in the US. One of the things that make his staff dedicated to his company is that he does Profit sharing with his employees at the end of each financial year. He sees them as part of this business and often refers to them as part-owners of his fence company. The big break for the business came when they were asked to raise a fence around a Car racing track.

North Carolina FencesAt the time, this project ran into thousands of dollars and the fence contractor was given free passes to watch a car racing game. In order to spread the fun, he invited his staff to watch the event with him. It was during one of the races that he caught the bug and became a lifelong advocate for car racing. He noticed that some of his staff wanted to fully participate at the racing events but did not have the funds so he decided to sponsor them. Over time, he spread the donations he made to car racing to cover as many people as wanted to build a career in that range.

His contributions spread like wild fire and this made him a darling among many individuals in the car racing circuits. He has built fences for over 25 Car racing venues in the US and he has consistently wooed other fence contractors in North Carolina to get involved in the sport of car racing. His influence has helped to generate enthusiasm and more corporate sponsors for various car racing events.

What the New School of Dentists Are Doing on Weekends

A recent study shows that a growing number of dentists are getting into car racing. This may appear surprising but the study went on to point out some underlying factors that may be the reason for this development. One 24 hour dentist near me stated that their profession requires a lot of precision and they often work for long hours. He said that it is not uncommon for dentists to look for ways to ease the pressure. He mentioned that car racing is a sport which offers the dentists an outlet to have fun with speed! According to him, the thrill of making fast moves without the fear of any professional body trying to adjudge your decisions is a welcome relief for dentists.

Picture of Charles the DentistThe study showed that people who are trained in the medical field have an unusual capacity to handle pressure. The report said that car racing offers a decent exposure to pressure although it is done in a fun way. This made the dentists to be unable to ignore this channel that gives them what they are used to but with a touch of fun. Furthermore, the report said that individuals are likely to do what others in their social class are prone to do. As long as many dentists are embracing car racing, it is obvious that more dentists will end up accepting the sport as a marker to their social status.

The context of giving urgent dental care may have changed but certain things remain constant. For example, despite the increase in the number of equipment that are used in dental practices; they usually work long hours. This means that they are constantly trying to save a live, working to meet various timelines or simply catching up with new medical breakthrough. There is nothing that can be as demanding as knowing that someone’s health depends on the actions they take. Dentists carry a lot of responsibility on their shoulders each time that they walk into their practice.

Furthermore, the study showed that the younger generation of dentists has been identified as the major group that are embracing car racing. This is not quite surprising because each generation has the activities that appeal to them. A few years back, some older dentists were prone to Horse racing but it seems that the tides have shifted. This new outlook for the dentists means that the number of follower-ship that car racing events enjoy may be on the increase.

Generally, there is a consensus that it is a welcome development for dentists to go into car racing. The belief is that it will help to position the sport in a professional light. Most people see golf as an elite sport that has been able to woo lots of professionals. It will be good if car racing can compete with golf in attracting the top echelon in the society. A complete overview of this development points to the fact that sports and professionals share so much in common. They give professionals the outlet to ease the work pressure while enjoying life in a dynamic stream.

Introducing Our Resident Home Inspector and Newest Car Racing Star

The various track events for the year are heating up because many top performers are joining the ranks. In the light of what will unfold in the coming days, it is expedient to use this platform to welcome a new driver, John Thomsen. He worked briefly at Long Island Home Inspectors | before setting up his own firm. He will be part of those who will be racing on the tracks this year and it will be a delight to watch him perform at Marysville. It must be stated that John has racked up many years experience through his participation at various racing events. He is a man of many parts who has continued to blaze the trail.

Performing a home inspection in Long Island, NYJohn is a home inspector by day and renowned race car driver by night. His story is quite captivating and it is a huge encouragement to anyone who needs to turn the tides of their life for good. John moved to Long Island, New York in the early 70’s without any hope of securing paid employment. He decided to follow his guts when he realized that there was an opening in the home inspection industry and he dived into it. His first job did not pay him so much but it helped him to cut his teeth as a home inspector. Home inspection was John’s career but racing is his life. He was able to achieve success in both fields.

After a few years of working with a home inspection business, he decided to start his own firm. Due to the integrity and expertise he had in his trade, he began to win big projects which kept increasing over the years. John became a well-known home inspector in Long Island and there are so many A-list projects that he has handled. Interestingly, he did not allow his quest to build a viable home inspection company from stopping his passion for racing. As much as he could, John squeezed out time each night to be fully engaged in the racing tracks. His commitment to both worlds showed the strength of his character.

As his home inspection business grew, John hired many competent hands to work with him. This gave him the opportunity to focus on his racing. One of the things that made him a renowned driver was when he defeated the national and regional record holders in a race. This made people pay attention to John Thomsen and he has been growing in strides ever since. His arrival at Marysville will increase the competition and sharpen the performance levels of other drivers in every range.

As a way of encouraging more home inspectors to follow his passion for Car racing, John has opened a blog on his home inspection company’s website. The blog talks about different issues that relate to Car racing and this has endeared him to so many people. He is one of the few people who have been able to combine business and pleasure in one swoop. John Thomsen has served as a model for many business owners who want to pursue their interests in Car racing. He is simply a colossus who is making a difference in a unique way.

Brooklyn Plumbers on Deck to Sponsor Car #25 This Year

The buzz that has been created by the upcoming Car race event is catching up quickly in the Plumbing circles. There are Brooklyn Plumbing firms that are currently lining up to sponsor various Cars. It is important to reiterate that it is not an entirely new phenomenon but the number of companies that are getting involved is on the increase. One company that has decided to sponsor a car is Petri Plumbing and Heating Inc. They believe that it will be a good way to sell their brand and to show the world that they have a far-reaching philosophy that touches base with various sectors of the economy.

A picture of a plumber by his vanAnother company that is fully involved in this Car sponsorship movement is Williamsburg Emergency Plumbing. They believe that the best Emergency Plumber Brooklyn has is not merely based on plumbing related work but also how much they can do for the community. The company’s CEO stated that there are few channels that best exemplify what their brand stands for like this Car race event. He said the organization takes care of every detail from ticketing to environmental issues around the racing arena and so much more. He said that this aligns with the ideals of Williamsburg Emergency which takes extra care to make sure that all the needs of their clients are met. He said that he believes that this synergy will keep opening doors for every stakeholder.

Also, CityWide Plumbers has come on-board the train with their support of the event. They recently unveiled the name of the Car and driver that they will be sponsoring in the coming year. At the press briefing, the Head of Operations at CityWide Plumbers said that they believe that the time is ripe to spread their tentacles to other fields. He stated that they are looking to host full car racing events in the coming years. He believed that many organizations will keep supporting car race events because of the publicity it brings to their brand.

Plumbing CompanyThe Emergency Plumbing Squad is a well known player in the plumbing circles. The company has been involved in many projects and the sponsorship of the car in the forthcoming event is one of the many strides they have made in recent times. It is vital to mention that this organization has one of the most experienced personnel in the field. They keep sending their staff for Advanced programs that help them become better in the trade. Everything that the company represents is a full reflection of excellence, poise and precision.

The Car race organizers have been quick to respond to the growing interest from various plumbing organizations that support what they do. They state that they see a great future for all their partners because of the publicity that the event generates. Also, as a way of giving back, they stated that some of the fees generated at the event will be used to support some charities. They commended the press for the good coverage that they have given to the event since inception. They promised that the coming years will bring so much fun and fulfillment in every range. The plumbing companies on their part have signed up to be long term partners of the Car race event.

Emergency Plumbing Squad
472 Lafayette Ave Apt 1F Brooklyn, NY 11205
(718) 635-1696

Prominent Home Inspection Company Takes on Sponsorship Role

Marysville Raceway Park, situated in North California, hosts six major events which offers its loyal customers frantic racing action. They are poised to take on a new sponsor; a Home Inspection Long Island NY – Licensed & Certified Company. This organization performs residential and commercial inspections for clients who want to buy a home or commercial center. In their bid to sponsor an up and coming race this year, there are certain things which play a crucial role in this company’s drive.

Long Island Home Inspection CompanyThe phenomenal rise in popularity of motorsports will enhance the image of this local home inspection company and help in the shaping their clients attitude towards the brand. The large follower-ship that motor racing enjoys around the world shapes the consumer market’s vast demography of age, race, and gender which generates a reaction that is positive towards a sponsor. This is an excellent way to shape the buying attitudes of potential clients.

Home Inspection Long Island NY will use the sponsorship of Marysville Raceway Park Special Events to stimulate consumer interest, which in turn, attracts clients. Bearing in mind that a Home Inspector never gets to meet the client until they are hired, this motorsports sponsorship drives the much needed traffic to their well designed website and increases the number of times a home buyer hires them. Overall, this significant contribution generates a rise in the number of times they get hired.

Local Louisville Home Inspector Steps-up

Also, this motorsports sponsorship offers home inspectors in Louisville, KY a chance to solidify business relationships this year as they entertain key clients. We spoke with the owner of a famous Louisville home inspection firm recently about his thoughts on this opportunity and this is what he said “It’s a great opportunity for all home inspection companies in Kentucky, especially the more successful ones such as ABI Home Inspection Services and Commonwealth Home Inspections”. This also affords them an opportunity to use the sponsorship in connection with a client and employee rewards program. When this sponsorship is connected with a rewards program, it will increase goodwill and client retention. Also, it will help to increase the rate of productivity among the Home Inspection Long Island NY’s employees.

4 Pictures of different home inspectorsSponsorship of Marysville Raceway Park Special Events provides this local company, a wide exposure in broadcast, print and electronic media. The positive publicity gotten through this exposure heightens the visibility of the company’s home inspection services. The name of a sponsor and/or photos is usually included by the various media covering the special motor racing event. This publicity is achieved while the home inspection company saves the advertising money that would prove too expensive if they had purchased the hosting of the event outright.

One other benefit that Home Inspection Long Island NY enjoys is the differentiation from other Home Inspection Companies. This will make them stand head and shoulders above the competition. Despite the fact that they are a local company; the wide reach of Marysville Raceway Park Special Events created by the various media covering it, this home inspection company can now enjoy the use of a powerful weapon against competitors with a larger advertising budget.

This motor racing sponsorship will give Long Island, NY a level playing field among the competing home inspection industry giants. In addition, because clients perceive sponsorship in a positive way, the image of this local company is enhanced. More people will learn of the services of the Home Inspection Long Island firm which include evaluating a home from top to bottom through this sponsorship.

Frantic Racing Actions

Weatherman Wins at MRP this weekend
Marysville-Promoter Paul Hawes has cancelled the races scheduled here for Saturday March 21st. The 2nd Great Taxi Cab Open will not be rescheduled. With an 80% chance of rain forecast from 1PM through the late evening hours and close to a ½ inch of rain due to arrive during that time promoter Hawes thought that it was in the best interests of everyone concerned that the event be cancelled.

Frantic racing action punctuates Spring Sprint Car Open at MRP
Forsberg wins first ever opening night victory as Shank captures Wingless feature
MARCH 7, 2009 — Auburn’s Andy Forsberg rocketed to his first ever opening night win in the Winged Sprint Car feature at Paul and Kathy Hawes Marysville Raceway Park Saturday. Antioch’s Terry Shank muscled his way to victory in the companion Wingless Sprint Car main. The Spring Sprint Car Open started the 2009 open wheel season in northern California.

Special Events

Marysville Raceway Park is proud to present “Special Events” along with our fantastic regular Saturday Night Programs. If you are looking for close wheel-to-wheel racing action, look no further than Marysville Raceway Park. Please check our schedule for dates and events.

Mel Hall Memorial
An annual event to honor former track promoter Mel Hall, who’s dedication to area auto racing is, without a doubt one of our biggest nights of the year. The stars of the Pacific Sprint Cars battle for the prestige, bragging rights, and increased purses to find out who is the best of the best. “The Colfax Comet” Colby Wiesz has won the event 4 times (2000, 2003, 2004, 2006). 

Kids Night
A fan favorite on our schedule is Marysville Raceway Park’s Annual Kids Night. Admission for Kids 12 & Under is FREE. We will have a LUCKY PROGRAM giveway and LOTS OF PRIZES.

West Coast Dwarf Car Nationals

The granddaddy of all Dwarf Car National events, the Marysville race is the oldest in a series that now encompasses tracks from border to border. Registration has moved at a record clip as nearly 100 cars take the green flag in the three days of outrageous competition.

Dilly Bar Ice Cream Night
Dairy Queen Restaurant of Yuba City will treat race fans and competitors to FREE Dilly Bars. A great time will be had by all in attendance, followed by some great racing action on our quarter-mile racetrack. 

Wingless Sprint Car Nationals
Marysville Raceway Park is proud to host the annual Wingless Sprint Car Nationals. This event features one of the fastest growing divisions in Northern California and is a great showcase of talent. Mark this event on your calendar!


A sponsorship program at Marysville Raceway Park can provide opportunities for a wide variety of advertising, marketing, and sales promotions. Our current dumpster rental company is one of our biggest sponsors. Motorsports has seen a phenomenal rise in popularity and many sponsors have enjoyed the benefits of advertising.

Marysville Raceway Park showcases high speed motorsports events and family entertainment at a reasonable price. Our billboards are visible to ten’s of thousands of loyal customers with a passion for racing.